Downloading the imgtrack Script

IT Asset Management (Cloud)

The imgtrack script is available in the common tar archive that includes both Flexera Kubernetes inventory agent and the Lightweight Kubernetes inventory agent.

To download the imgtrack script:

  1. Log on to a device that:
    • Runs a supported version of Linux
    • Has a web browser with network access to the web application server for IT Asset Management, where your account must have operator privileges to see the appropriate page
    • Has a running instance of Docker
    • Either hosts an OCI container registry, or has network access to an OCI container registry, that is available to your Kubernetes cluster.
    Tip: The imgtrack script does not have any ability to log into your container registry. This process is simplified, then, if you use an account that has login privileges for the image registry containing the target image(s) from which you want to collect software inventory. Remember to use the
    docker login
    command prior to executing the imgtrack script.
  2. Go to the Inventory Settings page.
    The Inventory Settings page displays.
  3. Expand the Inventory agent for download section.
  4. Click Download Flexera Kubernetes inventory agent and save the downloaded archive file to a suitable location.
    Tip: Despite the name on the link, the downloaded archive also includes the imgtrack script.
  5. Extract the folders from the downloaded archive, for example with the following command line:
    tar xzf flexera-krm-operator.tar.gz
  6. Move into the directory that was extracted from the archive:
    Replace the placeholder x.y.z with the version number of the first extracted folder, and replace a.b.c with the version number included for the imgtrack folder.
    Tip: These version numbers may not be the same. It may be easier to do this in two steps, where you can check the version number in the folder name.
    cd flexera-krm-operator-x.y.z
    cd imgtrack-a.b.c

    This last folder contains the complete imgtrack script and associated files.

Because imgtrack is a fully self-contained script, it can be copied to, and run in, any path of your choosing, such as /usr/bin or /opt/managesoft/bin or another path to suit your CI/CD processes.

IT Asset Management (Cloud)