BMC Helix Discovery Adapter

IT Asset Management (Cloud)

BMC Discovery is a tool for collecting hardware and software information, and can be a useful inventory source as input to IT Asset Management to help in calculating license consumption as part of assessing your overall license compliance.

IT Asset Management supports two different methods of collecting data from BMC Discovery. Using the distinction made throughout this reference (see IT Asset Management Inventory Adapters and Connectors Reference (Cloud Edition)), these are:
  • An XML-based adapter that first extracts data into an SQL staging database for mapping into the data fields within the IT Asset Management database
  • A direct connector to BMC Discovery that allows automatic upload of the data directly to the IT Asset Management database.

The adapter is documented in the following chapters. Please ensure that you keep the distinction clear and that you read the topics that relate to your chosen technology.

Supported versions

BMC Discovery was previously known as Atrium Discovery and Dependency Mapping (ADDM), and was renamed from version 11.
  • Adapter: The BMC Discovery adapter supports inventory import from BMC Helix Discovery and the following older releases of the BMC tool: 9.0, 10.0–10.2 (ADDM), 11.0–23.3
  • Connector: The BMC Discovery connector supports inventory import from the following releases of the BMC tool: 20.02 (12.0), 20.08 (12.1), 21.05 (12.2).

IT Asset Management (Cloud)