To configure the FileEvidence pattern

IT Asset Management (Cloud)
  1. In the user interface for BMC Discovery, select the Discovery tab.
  2. Click Pattern Management, and from the list of patterns at the bottom of the page, ensure that your current Flexera.FNMP.InventoryRawData item is enabled, and select it. (The module must be enabled before any of its member patterns can operate.)
  3. From the Pattern Package properties, select the link for the Pattern Module.
  4. Scroll down to the Pattern Configuration area.
  5. In the FileEvidence group, click Edit Configuration.
  6. Select the appropriate true/false radio button for Report software tag files. If you are turning off the collection of tag files, skip the next step.
  7. Adjust the list of File extensions to report as tag files, if necessary deleting values or adding new ones that you have identified. Each extension must stand alone on its own line.
  8. Select the appropriate true/false radio button for Report executable files. Review the discussion before this procedure while considering the data quantities implied by enabling this option.

    If you have now turned off both options, so that both options now have False selected, you have completed the process, and may skip the next step. If either option has True selected, continue to define the paths for the inventory gathering.

    The configuration changes are saved.

  9. For both types of operating system, customize the ...scan these file paths for evidence list.
    • Each file path must stand alone on its own line, and must be absolute (starting from root).
    • For Windows, the path must include the drive letter with its colon delimiter.
    • These same paths are scanned for identity (tag) files and for executable files.
  10. Click Apply (at the bottom of this group).

    The configuration changes are saved.

IT Asset Management (Cloud)