CPUInformationDetail_ci (Staging Table)

IT Asset Management (Cloud)

Data in this staging table may also be saved in CPUInformationDetail.xml on the staging server.

BMC Discovery query

This query extracts data from the Detail node in the BMC Discovery datastore, and provides the aliases for properties referenced in the table below.
Tip: This data relies on a custom CPU pattern available through your Flexera consultant. Be aware that from BMC Discovery release 11.1, BMC provided improved data gathering with new ProcessorInfo functionality. However, this does not gather the full dataset enabled through the custom pattern, and it remains best practice to combine the data gathered by BMC Discovery with additional data available through the custom pattern.
   WHERE (NODECOUNT(TRAVERSE Detail:Detail:ElementWithDetail:Host) > 0)
    AND (type = 'CPU Information')
    host_partitioning_type AS 'HostType',
     (host_partitioning_type = 'physical' AND total_logical_cpus 
      OR allocated_threads) OR none
    ) AS 'LogicalProcessors',
     (host_partitioning_type = 'physical' AND total_cpu_cores 
      OR involved_cores) OR none
    ) AS 'Cores',
     (host_partitioning_type = 'physical' AND total_cpu_sockets 
      OR involved_sockets) OR none
    ) AS 'Processors',
    (total_logical_cpus OR none) AS 'PhysicalLogicalProcessors',
    (total_cpu_cores OR none) AS 'PhysicalCores',
    (total_cpu_sockets OR none) AS 'PhysicalProcessors',
    zone_pool_name AS 'ZonePoolName',
    lpar_id_to_partition AS 'LPARIdToPartition',
    lpar_id_to_system AS 'LPARIdToSystem',
     (lpar_partition_number <> '-' AND lpar_partition_number) OR none
     ) AS 'LPARPartitionNumber',
    lpar_partition_name AS 'LPARPartitionName',
    lpar_type AS 'LPARType',
    lpar_mode AS 'LPARMode',
    (lpar_active_physical_cpus_in_system OR none) 
        AS 'LPARActivePhysicalCpusInSystem',
    (lpar_shared_physical_cpus_in_system OR none) 
        AS 'LPARSharedPhysicalCpusInSystem',
    ((lpar_shared_pool_id <> '-' AND lpar_shared_pool_id) OR none) 
        AS 'LPARSharedPoolID',
    (lpar_active_cpus_in_pool OR none) AS 'LPARActiveCpusInPool',
    (lpar_entitled_capacity OR none) AS 'LPAREntitledCapacity',
    #Detail:Detail:ElementWithDetail:Host.key AS 'HostKey'

Mapping into CPUInformationDetail_ci

Source alias CPUInformationDetail_ci property Type Max
Cores Cores int  
HostKey HostKey varchar 64
HostType HostType varchar 32
LogicalProcessors LogicalProcessors int  
LPARActiveCpusInPool LPARActiveCpusInPool int  
LPARActivePhysical CpusInSystem LPARActivePhysical CpusInSystem int  
LPAREntitledCapacity LPAREntitledCapacity float  
LPARIdToPartition LPARIdToPartition nvarchar 200
LPARIdToSystem LPARIdToSystem nvarchar 200
LPARMode LPARMode nvarchar 255
LPARPartitionName LPARPartitionName nvarchar 255
LPARPartitionNumber LPARPartitionNumber int  
LPARSharedPhysical CpusInSystem LPARSharedPhysical CpusInSystem int  
LPARSharedPoolID LPARSharedPoolID int  
LPARType LPARType nvarchar 255
PhysicalCores PhysicalCores int  
PhysicalLogicalProcessors PhysicalLogicalProcessors int  
PhysicalProcessors PhysicalProcessors int  
Processors Processors int  
ZonePoolName ZonePoolName nvarchar 200

IT Asset Management (Cloud)