NetworkInterface_ci (Staging Table)

IT Asset Management (Cloud)

Data in this staging table may also be saved in NetworkInterface.xml on the staging server.

BMC Discovery query

This query extracts data from the NetworkInterface node in the BMC Discovery datastore, and provides the aliases for properties referenced in the table below:
SEARCH NetworkInterface
            (TRAVERSE InterfaceOfDevice:DeviceInterface:
                      DeviceWithInterface:Host) > 0)
      OR (NODECOUNT(TRAVERSE InterfaceWithAddress:InterfaceAddress:
                      IPv4Address:IPAddress) > 0
       AND fmt("%.510s", join(#InterfaceWithAddress:InterfaceAddress:
                      IPv4Address:IPAddress.ip_addr, ', ')))
      OR ''
     ) AS 'IP',
    mac_addr AS 'MAC',
       AS 'HostKey'

Mapping into NetworkInterface_ci

Source alias NetworkInterface_ci property Type Max
HostKey HostKey varchar 64
IP IP nvarchar 512
MAC MAC nvarchar 512

IT Asset Management (Cloud)