Microsoft App-V Server Adapter

IT Asset Management (Cloud)
Microsoft App-V (full name Microsoft Application Virtualization) is an application virtualization and application streaming solution. It allows access to applications in three different ways:
  • Users may stream applications directly from a central App-V Management Server to their client computers, executing the code locally in light virtual machines that provide a protective 'bubble' around the executing software.
  • The applications may be deployed using Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager (previously Microsoft SCCM).
  • Applications may be deployed in 'stand alone' mode, such as manual delivery through file shares or on a USB stick, without the use of any server infrastructure.
Applications delivered in any of these ways require licensing, and you can manage the appropriate licenses using IT Asset Management:
  • Applications streamed from the App-V Publishing Server(s) are monitored using the App-V server adapter supplied as a standard part of IT Asset Management, and (for App-V release 5.0 and later) the AppVMgmtSvr.ps1 PowerShell script installed on the App-V Management Server. Both the App-V server adapter and the AppVMgmtSvr.ps1 PowerShell script are documented in this chapter.
  • Applications deployed using Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager (previously Microsoft SCCM) are recorded automatically as part of the standard inventory import from Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager.
  • Applications deployed manually can be recorded manually in IT Asset Management. Manual deployment is not a recommended best practice because of the inherent difficulties in management and demonstrating compliance, and there is no automation possible through FlexNet direct inventory gathering to cover manual deployment.

Supported versions

The App-V server adapter supports the current version of IT Asset Management, and releases 4.6, 5.0, and 5.1 of Microsoft Application Virtualization.

Because of significant architectural change between release 4.6 and release 5.0 of App-V, there are matching significant differences in the App-V server adapter for the different versions. It is important to read this document carefully, noting the differences that apply to "release 4.6" and "release 5.0 and later".

IT Asset Management (Cloud)