Appendix 1: Cmdlets in Azure PowerShell

IT Asset Management (Cloud)
The connection from IT Asset Management to the Microsoft Azure service relies on the Az Tools for Windows PowerShell (as described in Prerequisites and Setting Up). Within that toolset, the connector uses the following PowerShell cmdlets:
  • Connect-AzAccount — To log into Microsoft Azure
  • Disconnect-AzAccount — To log out of Microsoft Azure
  • Get-AzEnvironment — To identify the environments currently available in Microsoft Azure (such as AzureChinaCloud, AzureCloud, AzureGermanCloud, AzureUSGovernment)
  • Get-AzLocation — To identify the available Azure geographic regions of the instance type (size in Microsoft term) where your instances may be running
  • Get-AzSqlVM — To return the list of the SQL virtual machines you own, and then collect the cloud license model
  • Get-AzVMSize — To return the list of the instances type based on location
  • Get-AzVM — To return the list of the instances (virtual machines) you own, and then collect summary inventory details on each one
  • Search-AzGraph — To return the list of instances for a batch of subscriptions.

IT Asset Management (Cloud)