Download Adapter Tools Archive

IT Asset Management (Cloud)

The Adapter Tools archive includes content for many adapters, and is updated on the Flexera website from time to time. Start this procedure using a web browser on a computer that has good network accessibility from all the machines needing installations for your adapter.

To download the adapter tools archive:

  1. Download the latest Adapter Tools for IT Asset Management archive from the Flexera Product and License Center:
    1. Access
    2. In that article, click Adapter Tools for FlexNet Manager Suite - Cloud Edition.
      A new browser tab may appear temporarily, and the download of Adapter Tools for IT Asset Management 2024 commences.
    3. In your browser dialog, choose to save the file, and if the browser allows it, direct the saved file to a convenient working location (such as C:\temp on a central, accessible server).
      If your browser saves the file to a default location (such as your Downloads folder), move or copy it to the appropriate working location when the download is finished.
  2. Right-click the zip archive, and choose Extract All....
The folders are now available for the range of adapters in the Adapter Tools archive.

IT Asset Management (Cloud)