What data is retrieved

IT Asset Management (Cloud)

View each of the tables below to see what device, user and application data is retrieved from Microsoft Intune. This data is retrieved by running a PowerShell adapter which calls the Microsoft Graph API and Microsoft Report Graph API. See Register an Application in Azure Active Directory for more information.

Important: In order to import data into IT Asset Management, Flexera's Microsoft Intune adapter relies on the following Microsoft APIs: Microsoft Graph API, Microsoft Report Graph API. The Microsoft Graph API retrieves user data. The Microsoft Report Graph API retrieves device and installed applications data. Both APIs apply restrictions in terms of what data is available for collection or can be exported. At present, only the data specified in the following subsections is retrievable: Device information, User information and Application installer evidence.

Device information

Retrieved data Description
Computer name The system name of the device.
Inventory date The date when inventory information was last collected for the device.
Last logged on user The last logged on user on a given device.
Manufacturer The company making and selling the device.
Model no The manufacturer’s model name or number for the device.
Operating system The operating system running on the device.
OS version (as build number) The operating system version build number running on the device. For example, 10.0.19045.2728.
OS edition The operating system edition running on the device. For example, Pro, Enterprise, Home or Education.
Serial no The serial number of the device, attempting to uniquely identify either the hardware (for a stand-alone device) or the virtualization container (for a virtual machine), as reported in inventory.
Note: Device information retrieved from Microsoft Intune is limited, and the following limitations apply:
  • Hardware information such as MAC address, IP address, cores, threads, sockets and so on is not retrieved.
  • Host information for virtual machines is not retrieved.
  • The domain for devices is not retrieved.
  • Only WMI evidence is used for OS recognition.
    • The specific Windows OS version (Windows 10, Windows 11) is not retrieved and will not be available to view in the All Inventory screen. However, the operating system version build number is retrieved. For example, 10.0.19045.2728. You can view the complete version string (build number) by navigating to Inventory Device Properties for an individual device and selecting the Applications tab. Note: Only build numbers pertaining to Windows 10 or 11 operating systems are supported.
Important: This release of Flexera's Microsoft Intune adapter, only captures Windows devices with an ownership type of Corporate. Personal, Apple and Android devices are not retrieved.

User information

Retrieved data Description
Domain The name of the domain to which the user belongs.
Email The email address of the user.
First name The first name of the user.
Last name The last name of the user.
Sam account name The logon name of the user account.
Username The name given to the user to uniquely identify them.
Note: The domain information for the user is not retrieved directly from Microsoft Intune. Domain information is determined from the user email address.

Application evidence

Retrieved data Description
Raw name The display name of the installer evidence as retrieved from the inventory source.
Raw version The version for the installer evidence as retrieved from the inventory source.
Note: Application usage data is not retrieved.
Note: Application publisher information is not retrieved. For application recognition, only installer evidences for applications installed on devices are identified.
  • If the incoming installer evidence from Microsoft Intune (Raw name, Raw version, without publisher information) matches with existing installer evidence in the ARL, then the application will be recognized.
  • For retrieved evidence without publisher information, if the first word of the installer evidence's name (separated by either space or .) is a publisher name that already exists in the ARL, then it is matched with the ARL's installer evidence and the application will be recognized.

IT Asset Management (Cloud)