Inventory Object: ConsolidatedClusterHostAffinityRule

IT Asset Management (Cloud)

ConsolidatedClusterHostAffinityRule objects are uploaded to the ConsolidatedClusterHostAffinityRule table in the operations (inventory) database. Multiple imports will merge updated data with existing records, and add new records as applicable.

The ClusterHostAffinity spreadsheet defines the groups of virtual machines which may run on groups of host servers.

Attributes are listed here in alphabetical order.

Property Attributes Notes
ClusterHostAffinity RuleType Alpha-numeric text (maximum 128 characters).

The type of affinity rule. The value must be an exact case-insensitive match to one of the permitted values.

ClusterHostGroupName Unsigned integer (bigint). Mandatory. Database key.

The name of the group of hosts that the ClusterVMGroupName virtual machines may run on.

ClusterID Unsigned integer (bigint). Mandatory. Database key.

The unique identifier for the imported cluster, to which this affinity rule applies. This may be a string or an integer and must match a ClusterID from the cluster spreadsheet.

ClusterVMGroupName Unsigned integer (bigint). Mandatory. Database key.

The name of the virtual machine group that may run on the ClusterHostGroupName hosts.

Name Alpha-numeric text (maximum 128 characters). May be null.

The name of the cluster host affinity rule.

IT Asset Management (Cloud)