Inventory Object: ConsolidatedVMPool

IT Asset Management (Cloud)

ConsolidatedVMPool objects are uploaded to the ConsolidatedVMPool table in the operations (inventory) database. Multiple imports will merge updated data with existing records, and add new records as applicable.

The VMPool spreadsheet provides a simple method to associate virtual machines with groups (pools) on their host.

Attributes are listed here in alphabetical order.

Property Attributes Notes
HostComputerID Unsigned integer (bigint). Mandatory. Database key.

The identifier used in the source connection for the computer which is hosting the pool. The HostComputerID should match the ComputerID in the Computer spreadsheet. Otherwise the record will be ignored.

NumberOfCores Fractional number (float). May be null.

The number of cores in this pool.

NumberOfProcessors Fractional number (float). May be null.

The number of processors in this pool.

ObjectType Alpha-numeric text (maximum 256 characters). Mandatory. Database key.

The type of pool.

Note: Strictly, this attribute may be null, because it forms part of a compound database key. However, null values may cause import errors (where this object does not get imported), and multiple records from the same connection having nulls may cause data loss through over-writing. It is therefore best practice to treat this field as mandatory.
ParentName Alpha-numeric text (maximum 100 characters). May be null.

The name of the parent pool.

ParentObjectType Alpha-numeric text (maximum 256 characters). May be null.

The type of pool of the parent.

PoolFriendlyName Alpha-numeric text (maximum 256 characters).

The friendly name of the pool.

PoolName Alpha-numeric text (maximum 100 characters). Mandatory. Database key.

The name of the pool.

IT Asset Management (Cloud)