Editing an Existing Adapter or Template

IT Asset Management (Cloud)

You may edit an existing, custom adapter that was created in your enterprise. In disconnected mode (that is, using the cloud service solution), do not attempt to edit any factory-supplied (Tier 1) adapters. If you edit any part of a Tier 1 adapter, it ceases to operate.

To edit an existing adapter or template:

  1. Click the Open icon in the toolbar.
    The Open Existing Adapter dialog appears. The meaning of the Type column is as follows:
    • Adapters of type BuiltIn are factory-supplied adapters that implement standard connectivity. You may read but not edit these adapters on an inventory beacon.
    • Adapters of type Object are those which you have previously edited.

    On an inventory beacon, you can only open Object adapters, stored (by default) in C:\Program Files\Flexera Software\Compliance\ImportProcedures\ObjectAdapters.

  2. Select the desired custom adapter from the list, and click OK.
    Details of the adapter appear in the Step Explorer and edit panel.

IT Asset Management (Cloud)