Reconfiguring the OEM Adapter

IT Asset Management (Cloud)

During installation, you recorded your preferred settings for the OEM adapter, and no further work is required in the installation process. You can however choose to modify the configuration of an instance of the OEM adapter at a later stage.

To reconfigure the OEM adapter:

  1. In Windows Explorer, navigate to the correct folder for the appropriate instance of the OEM adapter.
    Keep in mind that there may be several instances installed on a computer, accessing distinct instances of Oracle Enterprise Manager.
  2. In your preferred plain text (or XML) editor, open the OEM adapter’s configuration file, called OEMAdapter.exe.config.
    It is strongly recommended that you make a backup copy of the original configuration file, so that you can easily revert your changes if there are problems.
  3. Use the following subtopics to guide your changes to the configuration file.
  4. When you have finished, save the updated file.
  5. Either wait until the next scheduled run of the OEM adapter, or use the Windows scheduled task interface to trigger an immediate test run to confirm that your changes work as expected.

IT Asset Management (Cloud)