Salesforce License Considerations

IT Asset Management (Cloud)
You can use IT Asset Management to review your Salesforce subscriptions. IT Asset Management provides a way for you to:
  • Review Salesforce license consumptions to help determine how many Salesforce licenses you need to purchase, which in turn helps you negotiate license agreements.
  • Ensure that business units are not under-subscribed.
Note: The first time you import your organization's license information from Salesforce, IT Asset Management creates one SaaS User license for each instance of Salesforce that is connected. If license information for a new user is imported after the initial import, that information is imported to the original SaaS User license in IT Asset Management. Each user imported from Salesforce is mapped to the appropriate accessing user record. These users consume against the Salesforce multi-product license created for the Salesforce tenant.

IT Asset Management (Cloud)