Additional ServiceNow Indexes for Performance

IT Asset Management (Cloud)

Creating additional indexes on your ServiceNow instance substantially improves the intake of data exported from IT Asset Management.

ServiceNow enables you to create your own database indexes. A worked example suggests that, with the following indexes added, you can expect better than four-fold performance increase in the initial data transforms to finish the import of data that has been exported from IT Asset Management.

Database table New column indexed
Contract [ast_contract] vendor_contract
Software Model [cmdb_software_product_model] x_fls_flexera_fnms_id
Product Model [cmdb_model] model_number
Computer [cmdb_ci_computer] x_fls_flexera_fnms_computer_id
Software Installation [cmdb_sam_sw_install] x_fls_flexera_fnms_application_id

IT Asset Management (Cloud)