Import Transactions Columns

FlexNet Manager Suite (Cloud)
These are the major properties of the entries in the Import Transactions view created as ServiceNow receives each data segment for import. In integration app 5.x go to Flexera Integration > Import History > Import Transactions and in integration app 4.x, go to FlexNet Manager Suite > Integration Runs > Import Transactions.
Column Notes

An automatically-generated sequential numbering of each created record in this listing.

Import Run

The ID of the import run of which this transaction is a part.

Import Type

The type of data being imported, being one of Inventory, Contract, or Application.

Values include:
  • New — This default state is set when a record is created in the Import Transactions listing.
  • Waiting — ServiceNow is processing another transaction received earlier.
  • Processing — Set when the integration application invokes import of this transaction.
  • Succeeded — ServiceNow has completed the import of this transaction.
  • Failed — For some reason (unspecified here), the import of the transaction has failed.

The segment of data, in XML format, that makes up this transaction.

FlexNet Manager Suite (Cloud)