Where to View Merged Data

IT Asset Management (Cloud)

The following table shows where to go in IT Asset Management and ServiceNow to view data that is merged by the integration application. This not only helps you understand the integration but also helps you understand where to go in both systems in order to view and validate results.

Data type IT Asset Management menu location ServiceNow menu location
Hardware inventory Inventory > Inventory > All Inventory Flexera Integration > Imported Records > Computers
Installed applications Applications tab of inventory device properties. Software Installations tab (SAM) of a computer record
Contracts Procurement > Contracts & Payments > All Contracts Flexera Integration > Imported Records > Contracts

You may also want to compare inventory device properties.

Property IT Asset Management ServiceNow
General properties of inventory device such as: device type (Computer, Virtual machine), Manufacturer, Serial number, etc. Inventory device properties (accessed by selecting a record from All Inventory) Computer record (accessed by selecting a record from Flexera Integration > Imported Records > Computers

IT Asset Management (Cloud)