IT Asset Management (Cloud)

The following are requirements for integrating IT Asset Management release 2023 R1.4 and ServiceNow. At a high level, you need:

  • A functional implementation of IT Asset Management
  • An operational ServiceNow instance
  • Installation of the ServiceNow integration application
  • A ServiceNow integration account user with x_fls_flexera_fnms.admin role assigned

The following provides further details of these requirements:

  • You need a functional implementation of IT Asset Management.
    Important: To take full advantage of the features included in the v4.0 and later integration applications, it is recommended that you run IT Asset Management 2019 R1 or later. For more information about limitations with earlier releases of IT Asset Management, see the knowledge article Feature Support for ServiceNow Integration, in the Flexera Customer Community.
    • You must have a license issued by Flexera that permits use of the integration application. This license authorizes all communications in both directions through the integration application. To check, go to the IT Assets License page (Administration > IT Asset Management Settings > IT Assets License). Check under the License details for ServiceNow integration enabled: Yes. If this is not the case, request the license from your Flexera representative.
    • You must have an operational inventory beacon that communicates successfully with the cloud-based application server for IT Asset Management.
  • You must have an operational ServiceNow instance.
    • For data flows from ServiceNow to IT Asset Management, you need a MID server configured for your ServiceNow implementation.
      Tip: If you prefer, your FlexNet Beacon and ServiceNow MID server can be implemented on the same physical computer (provided that there are common communications requirements — for example, you don't have a case where one requires a proxy server setting that the other cannot use).
    • For data flows from IT Asset Management to ServiceNow: Your ServiceNow instance has the Software Asset Management (SAM) Foundation plugin installed. Installed application data goes to SAM tables.
    • For information on supported versions, go to the ServiceNow Store and search for 'Flexera'.
      Note: ServiceNow has deprecated older versions of Transport Layer Security (TLS). Requires version 1.2.
  • If this is your first ever install of the IT Asset Management integration application for ServiceNow, you must install it from the ServiceNow Store (see Installing the Flexera Integration Application from the ServiceNow Store), and then any updates to the app are also done through the ServiceNow store. Alternatively, if you have previously installed an earlier version of the integration using an update set, refer to the knowledge article Upgrading ServiceNow Integration Application Using an Update Set in the Flexera Customer Community.
  • For first time users, and if you will be exporting data from ServiceNow to IT Asset Management, two business adapters (ServiceNowAssets.xml and ServiceNowContracts.xml) must be used for assets and contracts. These can be found in the in the unzipped adapter tools archive (see Download Adapter Tools Archive). For more information, refer to Configuring FlexNet Beacon for Import.

IT Asset Management (Cloud)