June 2020

FlexNet Manager Suite 2020 R1

Master Issue Number Component/s Summary Workaround
IOJ-2091541 Database, Inventory, Uploaded file importers

Inventory NDI files fail to import when the SoftwareFile_MT.SoftwareFileID database identity column exceeds 2,147,483,647

IOJ-2105626 Integration: SCCM, Inventory import (read/write/export)

Multiple versions of Universal Applications may appear as installed based on inventory imported from SCCM

Only impact if multiple user using a device and have the same universal app staged.
No workaround.
IOJ-2104289 Inventory, Uploaded file importers

Inventory imports may fail if InstallDate values from Add/Remove Programs fall outside the range Jan 1, 1753 to Dec 31, 9999

No known workaround.
IOJ-2106260 Inventory, Uploaded file importers

Two separate devices with the same name may be merged into one when their inventories are imported around the same time

No workaround, may happens when inventory files from two devices with the same name resolved at the same time.
IOJ-2114072 Inventory import (read/write/export), Usage

Some file evidence-based usage gathered by FlexNet agents is not imported

IOJ-2083886 Software license management, Web UI

Unable to scroll in UI to select license key on license Consumption tab when long values are used

IOJ-1802126 Agent, Inventory import (read/write/export)

Inventory device records for HP-UX nPar/vPar partitions may be merged if the /usr/sbin/parstatus -wM command cannot be run successfully

There is an updated custom reader step available from Flexera Support to work around this issue.
IOJ-1773388 Component installers, Inventory Beacon

Flexera.Beacon.TestConnection.exe does not get installed on beacon if usage agent component is deselected from installation

IOJ-2087091 Contract management, Hardware asset management, Reports

Retired or Disposed Assets with Active Payment Schedules report may fail with red error bar if different payment schedules have different $ amounts

FlexNet Manager Suite (Cloud Edition): The only way to determine which asset/payment details are causing this issue is to manually check all contracts linked to retired assets with active payment schedules and review the installment details.

FlexNet Manager Suite (On-Premises Edition): Execute the following SQL to find out the duplicate asset and then review the installment details relating to this asset.
- EXEC SetSessionContext @ComplianceOperatorID, @TenantID
- EXEC dbo.ReportListOfRetiredAndDisposedAssetsWithActivePaymentSchedule NULL, NULL
IOJ-2101296 Integration: Citrix

XenApp file evidence removed during import if file is not also referenced in the computer's software inventory

No known workaround exists.
IOJ-2103107 Integration: ILMT & BigFix, Inventory import (read/write/export)

Import from ILMT 9.2.1 fails at CopyComputerData reader step with error: Invalid column name 'hostname'

IOJ-2076666 Inventory, SAM for IBM, Software license management

Device consumes licenses if it is linked to a license and then later set to "archived" status

The device can be exempted from the device license so it does not consume. There is no workaround to stop the install being assigned to the license however.
IOJ-2084716 Inventory Beacon

Loading license terms during beacon policy updates may perform poorly

IOJ-1894962 SAM for SAP

Hardware key and installation number of SAP systems are incorrect on System landscape details page

IOJ-2082688 SAM for SAP

Temporary files may be placed in the Windows\System32 folder by the SAP Reader when processing a large amount of data

There is a patch available from Flexera Support for this issue.
IOJ-1867497 Documentation

Group Assignments online help incorrectly lists licence types which do include that tab

IOJ-1887867 Agent, Inventory Beacon

Cannot configure non-default port for HTTP(S) communications from agents to beacons

Use a self-hosted web server to configure the custom port.
IOJ-2101280 Component installers

Windows FlexNet Inventory Agent install unnecessarily registers extensions for internal file types

IOJ-2114408 Documentation

Table schema documentation for the SoftwareLicenseType mentions obsolete custom license type functionality

IOJ-1992840 Integration: AWS, Inventory import (read/write/export)

"AWS imports" task is scheduled after upgrading to FlexNet Manager Suite 2019 R1 even if no AWS connection is configured

IOJ-2113036 Integration: AWS

Inventory device records for AWS instances are deleted if AWS status was "terminated" or failed to be retrieved at any time in the past

IOJ-2105938 Integration: ILMT & BigFix, Inventory import (read/write/export)

Deleted inventory devices that are over 90 days old are imported from ILMT

Ignore a devices that is marked deleted within ILMT and still exist as an inventory device within ILMT.
IOJ-2113506 Integration: SaaS Manager, Web UI

Saving changes to SaaS Manager integration settings may fail with error in webui.log: "Cannot convert null to 'bool' because it is a non-nullable value type"

No known workaround exists.
IOJ-2101498 Integration: Tanium, Inventory import (read/write/export)

Importing from Tanium may fail at step "Get Computers from Tanium" with error: Exception calling "GetComputers" with "6" argument(s): "Index was outside the bounds of the array."

Configure username for connecting to Tanium in the form "domain\username"
IOJ-2089728 Inventory import (read/write/export), SAM for Oracle

If a VMware host has special characters in its name, import process fails at ArchiveOracleLMSAuditEvidence writer step with error: Illegal characters in path

IOJ-1847127 Inventory import (read/write/export)

Application server hotfix installations use the wrong install directory if the FlexNet agent is also installed

IOJ-1920360 SAM for Oracle, Web UI

Oracle LMS download file may silently fail to be generated with no indication of an error to the user

IOJ-1866404 Uploaded file importers

Bogus versions & publishers appear in FlexNet agent inventory for Microsoft SharePoint, Project & Search Server applications

IOJ-2104031 Web UI

FlexNet Manager Suite Cloud banner messages are garbled in Japanese