September 2021

FlexNet Manager Suite 2021 R1

Master Issue Number Component/s Summary Workaround
IOJ-2191493 Integration: BMC Discovery/ADDM

Installer evidence is not imported by FlexNet Manager Suite 2020 R2 from ADDM staging database with schema version 1.10 or later

Hotfix is available
IOJ-2214030 Integration: SaaS Manager

FNMS is allocating all the imported user allocations if same user has access to multiple applications in SaaS Manager

IOJ-2211415 SAM for IBM, Software license management

Virtualised host may show zero IBM PVU license consumed when there is calculated consumption for that host if any of the VMs running on that host are missing core/vCPU information

Using overrise hardware details feature update the missing computing resource (CPU/Core/vCPU) on the problematic VM.
IOJ-1986841 Integration: Citrix, Uploaded file importers

Import of Citrix remote application *.raa files containing non-ASCII characters may fail with "XmlException: Invalid character in the given encoding"

Manually remove any special characters from the application description.
IOJ-2193871 Integration: SCCM, Inventory

When the beacon is co-installed on the App/Batch server, the devices that have been removed from SCCM are not getting removed from FNMS

Setup beacon on a different machine to the server components.
IOJ-2213292 Integration: Tanium

Testing connection to Tanium Asset in the beacon UI fails with "(403) Forbidden" error, but imports succeed

IOJ-2206423 Inventory import (read/write/export)

Performance Concern - 'CreateDiscoveredDevicesFromInventory' step performance degraded after R2.5 release

IOJ-1743011 Batch processing

System tasks cleanup procedure causes deadlocks on multi-tenant systems

No known workaround exists. Retrying the job is the only option.
IOJ-2205885 Database

ARL updates may fail when points rule sets have been extended by a tenant

Have the SoftwareLicensePointsRule records manually removed by the specific tenants from the FNMS UI.
IOJ-2198658 Integration: Other

When the Microsoft 365 adapter runs more than an hour to collect the usage information, the import fails with an error - access token has expired

IOJ-2090698 Reports

Report "Save as" loses all the filter settings applied to the current report except page size dropdown setting

No known workaround exists.