Unresolved Issues

Master Issue Number Component/s Summary Workaround
IOJ-2226853 Software license management, Web UI

Oracle named user plus license consumption tab may fail to load due to an error "Cannot insert duplicate key in object"

IOJ-2190326 Content libraries, SAM for IBM

VPC ratio is incorrect when there are 2 applications with the same product name but different editions

No Known Workaround
IOJ-1990278 Business adapters, Web UI

Data Inputs page crash if task status has a business importer with multiple rows and one of them has NULL beaconUID

No known workaround exists.
IOJ-2193871 Integration: SCCM, Inventory

When the beacon is co-installed on the App/Batch server, the devices that have been removed from SCCM are not getting removed from FNMS

Setup beacon on a different machine to the server components.
IOJ-1742928 Inventory Beacon

Child beacon unable to download beacon policy from parent beacon (cloud)

FlexNet Manager Suite (Cloud Edition): Delete or Rename the CertificateFile entry under the following registry key on the Child Beacon: HLKM\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\ManageSoft Corp\ManageSoft\Compliance\CurrentVersion\

FlexNet Manager Suite (On-Premises Edition): Not affected as policy/packages signing is not required.
IOJ-1858852 Inventory import (read/write/export), SAM for Oracle

Oracle Database instance records may be deleted & recreated on every import

IOJ-2087983 Software license management, Web UI

License consumption numbers shown in different areas of the UI count inactive users differently

No known workaround exists.
IOJ-2161354 Web UI

Red bar errors on FNMS application for user who is assigned to default viewOnly role

IOJ-1809619 Agent, Component installers

Attempting to downgrade the installed version of FlexNet inventory agent with third-party tools leaves the agent non-functional

Re-install by running the MSI or installing the new version again restores the files.
IOJ-2077845 Agent, Inventory

Agents and beacons may fail to upload files with non-ASCII characters in filenames

If non-ASCCI characters are appearing in the username part of an NDI filename, change the value of the "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\ManageSoft Corp\ManageSoft\Common\Rules\Inventory" registry entry (or the equivalent setting in /var/opt/managesoft/etc/config.ini on a UNIX-like OS) from:
$(ServerLocation)/Inventories/$(UserId) on $(MachineId) at $(DateTime) ($(Generation)).ndi
$(ServerLocation)/Inventories/system on $(MachineId) at $(DateTime) ($(Generation)).ndi
IOJ-1927932 Agent, Inventory

Invalid inventory directory exclusions using wildcards may cause high CPU usage and ndtrack process seg faults on UNIX-like operating systems

Please don't specify wildcard within the path set to configure include or exclude directory paths e.g. */oracle/*backup/
IOJ-1925375 Agent, Inventory, SAM for Oracle

Oracle Database inventory may return zero users from databases with hundreds of thousands of users

IOJ-2079096 Agent, Inventory

Many ndtrack agent processes may run but remain blocked doing nothing if one ndtrack process takes a long time to run

There is no known workaround for this item. Analysis of why the tasks are running for more than 24 hours can help reduce instances of this issue. For example reducing the amount of file scanning performed by the inventory agent if that is excessive.
IOJ-1754713 Agent, Inventory, SAM for Oracle

Issues parsing listener.ora by ndtrack causes incorrect listener names to be discovered during local Oracle discovery

See Knowledge Base article at https://community.flexera.com/t5/FlexNet-Manager-Knowledge-Base/Oracle-discovery-potential-problems-with-listener-ora-files/ta-p/5786
IOJ-1740259 Agent, Inventory, SAM for Oracle

FlexNet inventory agent reports discovered Oracle listener, based on hostname rather than bound network interface controller DNS name

IOJ-2175741 Batch processing

Batch Process Scheduler may stop unexpectedly on a multi-tenant FlexNet Manager Suite install

IOJ-1725527 Batch processing

Pending tasks are not transferred to the message queue when upgrading FlexNet Manager Suite

Ensure the batch processing queue is empty before upgrading.
IOJ-1728113 Batch processing

Batch scheduler fails when two accounts are used to separate FlexNet Manager Suite operation from data collection services

Grant service account access to the target inventory database and use service account to import from that inventory source at this stage. This will help to avoid issue until we implement impersonation within the batch processor service.
IOJ-1919441 Batch processing

Batch Processor status processing and success come back in reverse order

No known workaround exists.
IOJ-1737873 Batch processing

Beacon Processor process may fail accessing MSMQ message queue when using multiple batch servers: "The transaction operations sequence is invalid"

No workaround available however it will work with single batch scheduling server if required.
IOJ-1666793 Business adapters

Inventory beacon expects business adapter file name and import type name to be same

Renaming the XML file name to be exactly the same as import name in the XML file.
IOJ-2117408 Business adapters

'SecureSocketsLayer' authentication type cleared in BAS when navigating to another node

After selecting SecureSocketsLayer for the authentication type, save the adapter without navigating to any other node so that the option is not cleared
IOJ-1740921 Business adapters

Business importer makes use of the deprecated field “LicenseQuantity” in calculations

No known workaround exists.
IOJ-1739487 Business adapters, Security

The Business Importer password is shown in plain text in the simulation UI if the import source is ODBC

Use a non-ODBC connection type when possible.
IOJ-1739470 Business adapters, SAM for SAP

Business Importer may truncate a long SAP role name without displaying an error

Limiting the role name to 32 characters.
IOJ-1739106 Business adapters, SAM for SAP

Business Importer incorrectly requires SAP field 'FastManageSoftSAPTransactionProfileObject' which is actually a custom property

No known workaround exists.
IOJ-1738442 Business adapters, SAM for SAP

Importing a SAP System Landscape IP that already exists causes MGSBI to abort with error: "Violation of UNIQUE KEY constraint 'UQ_SAPSystemLandscape'. Cannot insert duplicate key in object 'dbo.SAPSystemLandscape_MT'."

Remove the following line from the configuration xml file:

<Property Name="SAP System Landscape ID" Type="SAPSystemLandscapeID" usenullvalueformatching="RemoveProperty" Update="Never" Value="SAPSystemLandscapeID" ValueType="Field Value" UseForMatching="true" MatchingMode="like" />

Normally the ID field of each table will not be included in the configuration xml file (eg. AssetID, ComplianceComputerID). SAPSystemLandscapeID is the ID field for table "sapsystemlandscape". Adding this field in the xml file result in the SQL query change in finding the existing records in table "sapsystemlandscape" (method MarkExistingRecords() in FastImportObject.cs), as a result, the system will try to insert the same record again.
IOJ-1754262 Component installers

Silent installations of FlexNet Manager Suite may not install the required VC++ redistributable libraries

The VC++ redistributable libraries are installed when the application server is installed via setup.exe.
IOJ-1927993 Content Libraries, SAM for IBM

IBM WebSphere MQ Client may be recognized as IBM WebSphere MQ Server

IOJ-2085244 Contract management

Unexpected error when creating a payment instalment without frequency

Select any valid frequency in the drop down list. A frequency must be selected.
IOJ-1724716 Contract management

A scoped operator may receive an error when searching for contracts

Assign the operator to an administrator level role.
IOJ-1739808 Contract management, Reports

Reports: "Payment Schedule Details by Month" generates improper data when multiple value is selected on "Payment schedule type" Dropdown

IOJ-1761482 Database

Upgrading from FlexNet Manager Platform 9.2 to FlexNet Manager Suite, the error message "Not all objects are owned by dbo" may be encountered during the database migration step.

Ensure database objects listed are owned by the "dbo" namespace before migrating.
IOJ-2165016 Database, Web UI

Licenses tab on VM Hosts takes long time to load

For On-Premises customers there is an updated SQL available from support to resolve this issue. For Cloud customers there is no known workaround.
IOJ-1906200 Database

Step 10001 in the im-mig1230-migpost.sql inventory database migration script may fail with error: "Violation of PRIMARY KEY constraint 'PK_ComputerResourceProcessor'"

IOJ-1992412 Database, Inventory import (read/write/export)

"Arithmetic overflow error converting IDENTITY to data type int" on LicenseSimulationHWDetailsID_MT table during "Performing simulation based on current assignments" license reconcile step

No known workaround exists.
IOJ-1738872 Database

After upgrading FlexNet Manager Suite, new multiple Primary inventory data sources have been added

Manually correct up the primary connection states after migration.
IOJ-1725445 Discovery, SAM for Oracle

Oracle RAC servers in 'Discovered Devices' may have an IP address = Localhost ( which results in no Oracle discovery

No known workaround exists.
IOJ-1745955 Discovery, Inventory, SAM for Oracle

Discovered Device properties page may not display Oracle evidence if linked to a duplicate Computer record

IOJ-1731930 Discovery, Inventory, SAM for Oracle

No error is reported when an Oracle listener is discovered, but no Oracle service.

IOJ-1913976 Discovery, SAM for Oracle

Deleting oracle from Discovered devices does not work as expected.

IOJ-2123223 Enterprise group management

Deleting records in bulk from the user page results in an error and failure to delete users

Delete users in smaller batches to allow it to succeed.
IOJ-1740934 Enterprise group management

Child nodes displayed when searching in Corporate units, category, location & cost centres

IOJ-1830104 Enterprise group management, Web UI

Red error bar may be reported when attempting to add or delete enterprise groups in UI

IOJ-1719624 Hardware asset management

When bulk creating assets from inventory, after configuring "Duplicate Serial Number" on a portion of the devices and saving the changes, any remaining machines are not created as an Asset

IOJ-2121466 Hardware asset management, SAM for Oracle, Web UI

Red error bar shown with error in webui.log when retiring an asset linked to Oracle inventory with instances allocated to licenses: 'The DELETE statement conflicted with the REFERENCE constraint "FK_SoftwareLicenseAllocation_Instance".'

Unlink the asset from the inventory device
IOJ-1715227 Hardware asset management

The overridden value for a computer hardware will be saved to the inventoried section if the inventoried value is blank

No known workaround exists.
IOJ-1829209 Integration: Active Directory

Importing Active Directory domain .actdir file may fail with error if computer names differ only by special characters: "Violation of PRIMARY KEY constraint 'PK_ADComputer'. Cannot insert duplicate key in object 'dbo.ADComputer_MT'."

IOJ-1850056 Integration: Active Directory, Uploaded file importers

Active Directory import may fail if group is created while data gathering from Active Directory is in progress

Next AD import will fix this issue when AD data is collected again with known group information.
IOJ-1662070 Integration: Active Directory, Uploaded file importers

An invalid character error is displayed when performing an AD import when the First or Last name of a User account contains a control character

Remove the invalid ascii characters in the AD record.
IOJ-1883135 Integration: Altiris

Altiris reader obtains computer serial numbers from Inv_AeX_AC_Identification table which may be unreliable as a source

The serial number can be manually overridden but if the device is to be matched to the same device reported by other inventory sources it will mismatch.
IOJ-1747936 Integration: App-V, Integration: Citrix

Remote User counts may be inflated when user acounts are member of built-in AD groups in multi-domain environments

IOJ-1889750 Integration: App-V, Integration: SCCM, Inventory import (read/write/export)

Different App-V installer evidence may be imported from SCCM each time an import is run

IOJ-1895733 Integration: BMC Discovery/ADDM

ADDM staging tool truncates cluster key values at 255 characters, leading to possible duplicate key values

Expand the column length by running the following query with required length for ClusterType

ALTER TABLE Cluster_ci
ALTER ClusterType nvarchar (<LengthNumber>)
IOJ-1741594 Integration: FNMEA

FNM-EA 15.5 Patch9 data push fails importer with errors.

There are two workarounds readily available:

1. Do not call the web method with "false" as the stageOnly parameter value. An easy way to achieve this is to use FNM-EA patch 10 or later. By default this turns the parameter to "true".
2. Add a sufficiently long timeout to the executionTimeout parameter of the httpRuntime element of <INSTALLDIR>\DotNet\ComplianceConnectorService\Web.config. For example an hours timeout will be:
IOJ-2158411 Integration: ILMT & BigFix, SAM for IBM

PVU licenses imported from ILMT cannot be re-created once deleted

Clearing the SoftwareLicenseID value from the ImportedILMTPVUCreateLicense table records.
IOJ-1728890 Integration: ILMT & BigFix, Inventory, Inventory import (read/write/export)

Some machines imported from ILMT may have no recognized installations

IOJ-1916229 Integration: ILMT & BigFix, Inventory import (read/write/export), SAM for IBM, Software license management

License records created from ILMT may not show consumption if the linked application is a member of a suite

1. Link Parent title manually to the license
2. Change 'Suite' setting minimum required application number to maximum to break the suite recognition logic. Then Child app will reporting installation , so that ILMT license will report consumption accordingly.
IOJ-1902409 Integration: Salesforce, Software license management, Web UI

License consumption grid may take a very long time to load after importing thousands of licenses from Salesforce

IOJ-1758508 Integration: SCCM, Inventory import (read/write/export)

Reading data from SCCM may fail at InsertIntoTempApplicationFile step when collation of SCCM database is different from the compliance database

IOJ-2167205 Integrations: SAP

SAPReader process may fail with error when uploading very large SAP data set: "System.IO.IOException: Stream was too long."

IOJ-1766929 Inventory, SAM for Oracle

For Oracle 9i on Microsoft Windows, installed agent running as sysdba fails to collect Oracle inventory

run ndtrack.exe -t machine as windows or domain user with ora_dba group membership. This can be done by creating MS task scheduler to execute ndtrack.exe -t machine at the specified scheduled time, or use remote oracle inventory using inventory beacon.
IOJ-1728352 Inventory

Zero Touch inventory may leave a SSH session open on AIX devices

IOJ-1800574 Inventory, SAM for Oracle, Web UI

Dates shown on the Oracle Instance page are dates that general inventory was gathered from the device, not dates the Oracle instance inventory was gathered

IOJ-1666496 Inventory, Web UI

An unhandled error occurs when searching for a Beacon in the 'Assign Subnets' to a beacon fly-out - 'Unassigned Subnets' page

IOJ-1884363 Inventory, SAM for Oracle

Oracle instances page may not show managing OEM when two Oracle inventory records exist for a device

This issue may occur if a local and remote oracle inventory process was used. To fix this, delete obsolete oracle inventory records from inventory database.
IOJ-1928393 Inventory, SAM for Oracle

Oracle Database option query to detect Partitioning by segments may run slowly

No known workaround exists.
IOJ-1715168 Inventory

Opening an Inventory Device Properties for a computer throws an exception when getting the inventory source connection name

IOJ-1743200 Inventory, SAM for Oracle, Web UI

Red error bar when downloading 'Oracle LMS audit evidence in zip archive' from Oracle instance page when collations of the compliance and master databases differ

IOJ-1737948 Inventory, Web UI

A red bar error occurs when expanding a grouped row in the Active Inventory page

IOJ-1743094 Inventory, Web UI

Red error bar on Subnets and Beacons pages when the Beacon is configured with itself as a parent

Correct up the configuration of beacons so that parent relationships are correct.
IOJ-1714884 Inventory Beacon

Business Importer ComplianceUpload does not find package if package name has minus sign

Do not use a hyphen character in the package name.
IOJ-1701834 Inventory Beacon

Switching a Beacon from self hosted to IIS with credentials, any managed devices will be orphaned

Ensure any managed devices communicating with this beacon also have other beacons they can communicate with.
IOJ-1701831 Inventory Beacon

Agent on inventory beacon does not know from where to download policy

Please collect inventory from inventory beacon server using remote inventory.
IOJ-1701829 Inventory Beacon

Computers with multiple network adapters (multiple IPs) will not match correctly to targets, can't enable usage when adopted

Use the "machine with names like" filter to target devices with multiple active network adapters, to enable and disable usage.
IOJ-1719365 Inventory Beacon

BeaconPolicy generation is re-setting disabled subnets to enabled despite have been disabled

IOJ-1730936 Inventory Beacon

Scheduled tasks on the Beacon are disabled if the Beacon UI is left open, with an upgrade dialog open.

Close the Beacon UI and wait for the upgrade to trigger again and finish.
IOJ-1896481 Inventory Beacon

Latest version and latest approved version rules for Beacon upgrade can conflict causing a failure of upgrade

IOJ-1906522 Inventory Beacon

Unhandled exception while saving a change in the beacon UI when user does not have write permissions to the applicationHost.config file

In the applicationHost.config file you should provide write permissions to users who work with the beacon . Alternatively, you can run the Beacon user interface with elevated privileges.
IOJ-1895994 Inventory Beacon

Policy revision number is very frequently incremented when using FlexNet Beacons earlier than 2017 R3 and older beacons fail policy signature check

Upgrade all beacons to release 2018 R2. The minimum compatible Beacon release is 2017 R3.
IOJ-1701803 Inventory Beacon

Basic authentication cannot be used on Beacons as the URL does not support the \ character

IOJ-1741388 Inventory Beacon

Beacon reports no policy if agent is installed on the beacon

Please collect inventory from inventory beacon server using remote inventory.
IOJ-2217435 Inventory import (read/write/export)

File Evidence Is Not Cleaned up from FNMSInventory When File Scanning is Disabled

No Known Workaround
IOJ-2215545 Inventory import (read/write/export)

Reconile performance issue of the StageImportedInstalledInstallerEvidence step in FNMS 2020 R2

No Known Workaround
IOJ-1722486 Inventory import (read/write/export)

Compliance import may fails if an invalid regular expression is specified in a license points rule set

A reconcile may fail when using an expression like "*HP d530 CMT" because this is not a valid regular expression. The expression should be something like “.*HP d530 CMT”.
IOJ-1753828 Inventory import (read/write/export)

WriteVirtualMachines writer may run slowly when identifying virtual machine configuration relationships due to lack of index on temporary table

No known workaround exists.
IOJ-2179690 Inventory import (read/write/export)

"Error: The file exists." during inventory import if temp directory contains 65,535+ files using temporary file name pattern

clear out the contents of the %TEMP% for the user running the beacon service
IOJ-2179885 Inventory import (read/write/export), SAM for Oracle

Oracle instances being deleted and recreated in device history every day during reconcile

IOJ-1830627 Inventory import (read/write/export), Software license management

Software license reconcile processing may fail due to database deadlock while processing bundle install licenses

IOJ-1922736 Inventory import (read/write/export), Software license management

"ReconcileLicenses/Processing easy licenses" step of inventory import writers may fail with error: Arithmetic overflow error for type int

Reducing the multipliers on purchases and purchased quantities can resolve this issue while keeping the license at the correct ratios for compliance status purposes.
IOJ-1724226 Inventory import (read/write/export)

Data Warehouse export does not cater for enterprise groups with '/' embedded in level names.

Removing '/' characters from enterprise group names will make them perform correctly in the reports.
IOJ-2083780 Inventory import (read/write/export)

Not able to run two PowerShell Adapters in parallel

Ensure Powershell based adapters run sequentially.
IOJ-1739123 Inventory import (read/write/export)

The logic used for matching and reconciling domains does not handle multiple identical qualified names with different flatnames

No known workaround exists.
IOJ-1758549 Inventory import (read/write/export)

Inventory upload status is not displayed in 'Last 5 uploads' for data imported through a Beacon.

No known workaround exists.
IOJ-1736564 Inventory import (read/write/export), SAM for Oracle

The Oracle Instance user would not be updated, when a generated ExternalID is same, but the user is changed

IOJ-1714869 Operators, rights and roles

Operators with 'Vendors' = 'Read only', should only have read only access to the Vendor field in a Purchase

IOJ-1714785 Operators, rights and roles

Operators with "List Software Licenses" set to Disallow or Deny results in an 'Unexpected error' after login

IOJ-1714846 Operators, rights and roles

Operators with "Allocate licenses to end-users or computers" set to Deny, may still allocate computers or Users.

No known workaround exists.
IOJ-1718831 Operators, rights and roles

The 'Locations' and 'Cost Centers' pages may not display any data, despite the operator having the appropriate enterprise group access right.

IOJ-1717339 Operators, rights and roles

An error is displayed when searching for applications and the operator does not have access rights to Applications

IOJ-1717342 Operators, rights and roles

Operators with 'Modify an existing application' set to Deny are presented with options to Create a license and Change status, for an application

IOJ-1733071 Operators, rights and roles

Operators with restricted "Create new licenses from purchased entitlements" right can process Purchases

IOJ-1851016 Operators, rights and roles

Unable to Edit Asset Without Permission 'Create a new hardware asset'

Add the operator to a role with the Create an Asset right.
IOJ-1714964 Operators, rights and roles

The Email and Job title fields, in the Accounts page, are not being recognized as updated in order to enable the Save button

IOJ-1744610 Operators, rights and roles

Administrator unable to clear category restriction if it has been set previously and saved

IOJ-1741892 Operators, rights and roles, Web API

The License Reconcile control cannot be managed using Roles

No known workaround exists.
IOJ-1740863 Operators, rights and roles

A redbar error is displayed when filtering on Last Login in All Accounts page

IOJ-1733701 Operators, rights and roles

User accounts can view the Users tab, under System Settings, despite having the 'Configure user properties' option set to Deny

IOJ-1732980 Operators, rights and roles

Operators with "List devices" set, continue to receive the hyperlink for devices - which then produces and error when selected

IOJ-1739702 Operators, rights and roles

An account without role can be disabled, but it cannot be enabled

IOJ-1738488 Operators, rights and roles

When the 'list device' access right is removed from a role, Device licenses are displayed with consumption = 0

IOJ-1727113 Purchase management

Opening the 'Licenses with Upcoming Payments' report, takes an excessive time to display

No known workaround exists.
IOJ-1726760 Purchase management

A "An item with the same key has already been added" error may be encountered when creating a Purchase with custom properties

IOJ-1720229 Purchase management

A 'Nothing to decrypt' error may be encountered in EntitlementAutomation, when the MaintenanceDefinition contains a NULL value

IOJ-1715927 Purchase management

Unhandled exception happens when setting an out of range string in the Invoice Number and saving the Purchase Order

Use a shorter string for the invoice number.
IOJ-1715930 Purchase management

An error occurs when setting an out of range value in the Request Number field of the Ownership tab, and save the Purchase.

Use a shorter value for the request number.
IOJ-1715926 Purchase management, Web UI

Unhandled exception happens when giving long numbers in the Purchase Quantity and Quantity per unit fields and saving the Purchase Order

Split the total purchase quantity across multiple PO lines to make the total quantity fit within 32 bit integer limits.
IOJ-1802388 Purchase management

When a license is deleted, the processed purchases do not rollback to the unprocessed condition

No known workaround exists.
IOJ-1666678 Purchase management

In 'Unprocessed Purchases', the Process button is enabled when purchases of different type are selected.

No known workaround exists.
IOJ-1745738 Purchase management

Total price is shown as 0.00 if UnitPriceRate ID is NULL and AutoCalculateTotal = 0

Ensure a total price rate is populated before migrating from 9.2.
IOJ-2124764 Purchase management, Software license management

POs without notifications are not visible in Purchases tab of licenses for scoped operators

No known workaround exists.
IOJ-1884841 Purchase management, Web UI

Attempting to process more than 100 purchases results in a red bar error

Process purchase orders in bathes of approximately 100 at a time.
IOJ-1991750 Purchase management

Cannot process purchase type of Software Upgrade

IOJ-1743456 Purchase management

Overspent calculations may be incorrect should the quantity per unit value not = 1, in the purchase order

No known workaround exists.
IOJ-1737950 Purchase management, Web UI

A red bar error occurs when expanding a grouped row in the All Payments page

IOJ-1994005 Reports, Software license management

Applications covered by a license of type "Microsoft SCCM Client Device" may appear in the Unlicensed Installations report

No known workaround exists.
IOJ-1710490 Reports

Cognos report 'Publishers at risk' displays US Dollar as currency even though other currency is made as default.

No known workaround exists.
IOJ-1727573 Reports

The number of returned results from a custom report changes with consecutive runs

Ensure the report returns less than 1,000,000 records as it's initial filtered result set, then further filtering will not give inconsistent row counts.
IOJ-1856421 Reports

When an advanced filter on a report uses an 'Is Between' operation on a Date field it will cause an error

Add two separate expiry date advanced filters, one greater than <min date> and one less than <max date> to achieve the same outcome.
IOJ-1903416 Reports, Web API

Asset data may not be returned in report extracted through GetCustomView SOAP API

IOJ-1903957 Reports

Reports that use license upgrade downgrade right properties is incorrect for bundles / multi product licenses

No known workaround exists.
IOJ-1995609 Reports

"Does not Equal to" filter condition returns equal for date data type

Using a different form of filter (for example greater or less than) can supply the same data in some circumstances.
IOJ-1780336 Reports

Custom report build will only show license consumption with allocations

Allocate at least one assigned device to license to view license in the report
IOJ-1754857 Reports, Web UI

Error occurs when a data series, in the report chart is clicked

IOJ-1740524 Reports

When saving a report, Anne is not sure if the action will overwrite or save a new copy

IOJ-1761577 SAM for IBM, Software license management

IBM UVU and IBM Authorized User license types show incorrect Compliance status

No known workaround exists.
IOJ-2210706 SAM for IBM

Incorrect Exemptions "Covered by Related Products" when importing from ILMT SQL connection

IOJ-1717316 SAM for IBM, Web UI

Performing a Simulation, manually adding Virtual Machines to a Host that is linked to a PVU license, may result in an error

No known workaround exists.
IOJ-2162433 SAM for IBM

IBM PVU consumption peaks haven't been reset in suitable time.

No known workaround exists.
IOJ-1878636 SAM for IBM, Software license management

IBM PVU full capacity license consumption should be calculated based on all processors in a cluster

An operator can override consumption in the Consumption tab of the license properties page.
IOJ-2121288 SAM for Microsoft, Software license management

Server Enterprise license Consumption incorrect when minimum number of cores is not the default value

Set the minimum number of cores back to the recommended value or manually override the consumption for affected devices.
IOJ-2092593 SAM for Microsoft

Update error handling for MLS file uploads

Remove the duplicate rows from the MLS data being uploaded.
IOJ-2159924 SAM for Oracle

Oracle instances hosted in cloud are displaying as On Premises

No known workaround exists however it is only a UI display issue, there is no underlying impact.
IOJ-1720131 SAM for Oracle, Software license management, Web UI

An error is encountered when editing an Oracle User in an Oracle EBS Application properties

IOJ-1732309 SAM for Oracle

Oracle database instance detail may be duplicated on every device record in the consumption tab

IOJ-1872110 SAM for Oracle

Oracle License Breached with Option license does not match instance Even After Matching Option License

IOJ-1922491 SAM for Oracle, Software license management, Web UI

Red error bar with error in webui.log when allocating computers to an Oracle Processor license that are already allocated to the license: Violation of PRIMARY KEY constraint 'PK__#...'. Cannot insert duplicate key in object 'dbo.@ConsumptionTree'.

Allocate the device in the consumption grid instead of using the search above the consumption grid.
IOJ-1808619 SAM for SAP, Web UI

Performing a search on the SAP Module Usage page may fail with an error in webui.log: "Cannot query a data store using criterion [...]"

IOJ-1718128 SAM for SAP

The 'Indirect Access' page cannot be loaded, in FlexNet Manager Suite for SAP Applications, for a landscape where the operator has optimization set to read only

IOJ-1718104 SAM for SAP

The SAP systems tab is disabled in first launch of Beacon UI

Close Beacon UI and relaunch, all buttons are enabled and SAP systems can be created
IOJ-1718119 SAM for SAP

When using Cognos reports with FlexNet Manager Suite for SAP Applications, the Consolidated user report is displaying incorrect values.

IOJ-1729336 SAM for SAP

Duplicate objects can be added to the transaction profile, for FlexNet Manager Suite for SAP Applications

IOJ-1909909 SAM for SAP

Some custom SAP license rules require the use of an object's database ID instead of its name

IOJ-1740746 SAM for SAP

While viewing SAP pages, the error "Cannot display your item" is displayed

IOJ-2079499 SAML

NotOnOrAfter attribute in SAML assertion is treated as a timeout

No known workaround exists.
IOJ-1767140 Software license management

The 'Licenses with Upcoming Payments' report fails with unexpected error for the operator without the 'List software license' right

Allocating the right to the operator or a role will resolve this issue.
IOJ-1720859 Software license management

A failed license reconcile may leave consumption in an inconsistent state

Running a further full license reconcile will correct this issue.
IOJ-1725705 Software license management

License simulation shows all hosts, pools and partitions as 'Is capped' = True

No known workaround exists in the Simulation area of the product. The capped state can be seen on the inventory device properties pages.
IOJ-2116476 Software license management, Web UI

License Simulation page may report an exception while adding/editing new simulation

No known workaround.
IOJ-2114089 Software license management

Applications that were previously linked to a license may continue to consume against the license after a failed reconcile

The following steps can be used to resolve the consumption issue:

1. Add the application back on to the license and save the change
2. Run a license reconciliation, ensuring it completes successfully
3. Remove the application from the license and save the change
4. Run a license reconciliation, ensuring it completes successfully
5. The application should no longer be consuming against this license
IOJ-2131823 Software license management, Web UI

Very large shortfall values cause an arithmetic overflow error on the All Licenses Grid

Only impacts when purchased quantity OR extra Entitlement quantity is 1. Specify Extra Entitlement Qty or Purchased quantity great than 1.
IOJ-1867007 Software license management, Web UI

In the Use Rights Tab: Management Core license incorrectly displays the option - Consume one entitlement per 'N' cores

No known workaround exists.
IOJ-1884923 Software license management

Allocated device to OEM license may over consume if allocations consume license entitlements is selected

Deselect allocations consume license entitlements and run reconcile again.
IOJ-2068751 Software license management

Microsoft Server/Management Core license, a license consumption calculation of the virtualization rights for Microsoft Windows 2016 Standard is incorrect

The consumption of affected devices can be manually overridden on the consumption tab of license properties.
IOJ-1902491 Software license management, Web UI

Red error bar accessing license Consumption tab with error in webui.log: "Conversion failed when converting the nvarchar value '[...]' to data type int."

IOJ-1742697 Software license management

Licenses are consumed from VMs that have an exemption rule set consuming a license

IOJ-1739363 Software license management

The 'Used' count can be inconsistent between the Consumption tab and License grid

No known workaround exists.
IOJ-1799586 Software license management

Software allocations are not mapped when using a business adapter

IOJ-1744469 Software license management, Web UI

Setting page filter to "Category" on the Installed Applications page may display a red bar error

Add the category column to the grid before adding to the filter.
IOJ-1741021 Software license management

Asset setting, under System settings, should not display when restriction "Configure hardware asset properties" in Hardware Assets accordion of Role

IOJ-1736562 Software license management

Multiple licenses are marked as "In breach" for the same product, when only one license should be in this state

IOJ-1733033 Software license management

Operators with restricted "Configure software asset properties" can view the License setting, under System Settings

IOJ-1773131 Software license management

Save operation removes the record from group assignment tab if all the assigned values are zero

IOJ-2181551 Uploaded file importers, Usage

Usage .mmi files may fail to import if any software names end with a digit or special character and contain a "\" after the last space

IOJ-1892356 Uploaded file importers, VMware discovery & inventory

Inventory resolver does not overwrite cluster when renamed

Delete the hosts through the All Inventory page, those were members of the renamed cluster and re-inventory vCenter OR OVM Manager that has two clusters.
Run IM import right after vCenter OR OVM Manager inventory.
IOJ-1879203 Usage, Web UI

Application Installation Details report does not show last usage dates prior to the period specified on the "Usage Period" property of the application

IOJ-1740684 Vendor management, Web UI

Red bar error observed when deleting a Vendor linked as Publisher to Purchase Order.

IOJ-2093758 VMware discovery & inventory

vCenter discovery and inventory rule on child beacon may get stuck in an "in progress" state

Disable the child Beacon when running the Discovery rule and for the rest of the time run only the vCenter Inventory collection.
IOJ-1740350 VMware discovery & inventory

VMware cluster inventory does not report both affine host group and anti-affine host group

IOJ-1740509 Web API

The API call GetCustomView, returns the User Name (DisplayName) field, not the sAMAccountName.

IOJ-1994786 Web UI

Under-Consumed License Widget on Dashboard is not Filtering Out Retired Licenses

No known workaround exists.
IOJ-1714600 Web UI

When changing the License Type of a license, the 'Automatically manage license priorities' does not update the license priority.

License priority for an application can be manually adjusted after the license type is changed on the Licenses tab of application properties.
IOJ-1714177 Web UI

Operators cannot view roles when the Roles right set is 'List roles' = 'Allow'

IOJ-1803112 Web UI

Inventory records cannot be edited should a Flexnet Manager Suite license count be exceeded.

1) changing the cost center of the related asset instead of edition the device property
2) adjusted the number of devices against their FNMS license
IOJ-2118693 Web UI

Exemption reason functionality having issues in Chrome

Use the Bulk Allocations and Exemptions page to manage exemptions or use a different browser.
IOJ-2130274 Web UI

When duplicate evidence is added to an application it causes a red bar error

To enable viewing the evidence properties again, remove it from the application properties instead or unlink the evidence completely from the All Evidence page.
IOJ-1836237 Web UI

Red error bar when viewing/exporting data from the web UI after importing date custom property values in an invalid format: "String was not recognized as a valid DateTime [...] at System.DateTimeParse.Parse([...])"

IOJ-1904513 Web UI

Red error bar shown when changing tenant in UI on a multi-tenant FlexNet Manager Suite system

Specify tenant as part of URL
IOJ-1907112 Web UI

Sub Asset Synching on Category

There is no known workaround to automate this but the category can be manually set on the sub asset.
IOJ-2080118 Web UI

Red bar error when trying to allocate/exempt licenses with set roles

The workaround is to allow the role to create licenses as well as edit them.
IOJ-1993126 Web UI

Inventory device update may remove linked category

This issues occurs when a user updates an inventory device. To fix, please update the category through the linked asset.
IOJ-1712294 Web UI

Beacon properties cannot be updated should two Beacons have same name

IOJ-2070833 Web UI

Installed count discrepancy between "Installed Application" vs "Application Installation Details" record

IOJ-1740418 Web UI

Red Bar error is displayed when editing an exchange rate in System Defaults page

IOJ-1740389 Web UI

Noticeable delay when loading License Keys columns containing more than 1500 records, or when the page grid is greater than 50, in the Consumption tab of License Properties

No known workaround exists.
IOJ-1735107 Web UI

Logging in to a tenant with an expired license shows permissions error instead of license error

No known workaround exists.
IOJ-2174087 Component installers

Precalc task may fail after upgrading FlexNet Manager Suite due to Maintenance.exe dependency scan

No known workaround exists.
IOJ-2204981 Content libraries, Database

ARL Import process can require significant compliance database transaction log space, potentially failing with error: "The transaction log for database 'FNMSCompliance' is full due to 'ACTIVE_TRANSACTION'"

If the ARL update is failing due to this issue, the customer will need to make sure that the transaction log for the database can grow as needed. Typically, I've seen the need for around 160GB of space to get through this, but more may be needed.
Make sure that the setting for size limit of the transaction log in SQL Server is "unlimited", and that there is enough hard disk space for it to grow into.

It may also help to incrementally update the ARL. ie, instead of going from 2570 to 2588, do 2570 to 2577, then 2577 to 2578, then 2578 to 2580... etc...
IOJ-2115958 Hardware asset management

Device Assets without Inventory page shows assets which have linked inventory

Delete the duplicate dummy computer when it occurs.
IOJ-2103668 Integration: ILMT & BigFix, SAM for IBM, Software license management

Applications recognised from ILMT evidence causing 'Internal' calculated consumption on PVU licences

Impacts if free of charge application is not link to primary product license. link free of charge application to primary product license OR apply exemptions.
IOJ-2221482 Integration: ILMT & BigFix, SAM for IBM

Installer evidence about applications that were installed in the past but are no longer installed is imported from ILMT/BigFix Inventory

IOJ-2136117 Inventory, Web UI

Virtual devices and clusters page may fail to load if VM/Host/Cluster data is not in sync

IOJ-1892311 Inventory, Reports

Application Installation Details report may perform poorly or fail after some time with a red bar error due to large volume of data

IOJ-2078225 Inventory import (read/write/export)

License reconciliation failure: The INSERT statement conflicted with the FOREIGN KEY constraint "FK_SoftwareLicenseGroupPointsConsumedData_GroupEx"

No known workaround exists.
IOJ-2228768 Inventory import (read/write/export)

Reconcile Failed with The DELETE statement conflicted with the REFERENCE constraint "CloudServiceApplicationWithByol_ComplianceComputer"

The following query can be used to determine whether this issue is encountered. If there are any results returned, this bug applies.

select * from ComplianceComputer cc
join CloudServiceApplicationWithByol csab
on csab.ComplianceComputerID = cc.ComplianceComputerID
where cc.ComplianceComputerStatusID in (4)
The following query can be used as a workaround to get reconcile going, but the issue may resurface until the fix is applied more permanently in the product.

SET csi.HostComplianceComputerID = NULL
FROM dbo.CloudServiceInstance_MT csi
INNER JOIN ComplianceComputer d
ON d.ComplianceComputerID = csi.HostComplianceComputerID
where d.ComplianceComputerStatusID = 4

SET csi.ComplianceComputerID = NULL, MatchingRuleID = NULL, InventoryDate = NULL
FROM dbo.CloudServiceInstance_MT csi
INNER JOIN ComplianceComputer d
ON d.ComplianceComputerID = csi.ComplianceComputerID
where d.ComplianceComputerStatusID in = 4

SET csab.ComplianceComputerID = NULL, csab.SoftwareTitleID = NULL, csab.CloudLicenseTypeID = NULL, csab.Overridden = 0
FROM dbo.CloudServiceApplicationWithByol_MT csab
INNER JOIN ComplianceComputer d
ON d.ComplianceComputerID = csab.ComplianceComputerID
where d.ComplianceComputerStatusID = 4
IOJ-2127258 SAM for IBM, Software license management

Installations of supplementary applications linked to IBM PVU licenses do not consume licenses for inventory devices hosted on a cloud service provider

Temporarily mark the computer as not hosted in a cloud service provider.
IOJ-2107296 SAM for IBM, Software license management

Supplementary titles are not consuming PVU licenses correctly when unbundled

The only available workaround is to manually remove TemporalInstalledSoftwareSCD records for the primary titles on the affected devices. This will ensure license assignment will not consider supplementary titles in the bundles and assign them to correct licenses.
Note that doing this will cause the device to no longer consume against the primary title in previous reporting periods. This should only be done if previous reporting periods have been closed-off and audit reports saved.
IOJ-2219225 SAM for SAP

SAP inventory via beacon 2020 R1 (15.0.0) or higher is not compatible with FNMS version 2019 R2 (14.0.0) or prior

This issue occurs because versions 15.0.0 or higher of the Inventory Beacon include a version of the SAPReader.exe which also gathers SAP Digital Access data which FNMS 2019 R2 or earlier are not capable of processing. To resolve the issue you need to ensure the Inventory Beacon is using a version of the SAPReader executable that is compatible with your version of FNMS.

To do this go to "C:\Program Files (x86)\Flexera Software\FlexNet Manager Platform\DotNet\bin" on the Application server and copy the executable SAPReader.exe.

Then go to your Beacon server(s) and paste this executable into "C:\Program Files (x86)\Flexera Software\Inventory Beacon\DotNet\bin" ensuring you take a backup of the SAPReader.exe located here first before replacing it.

Assign and Ignore button gets disabled when we switch tabs in Evidences pages


Redbar and HTML error seen when attempting to use advanced filter on last login column of the All Accounts view

IOJ-2146878 SAM for SAP, Web UI

Bad Japanese translations in SAP system landscape management UI: 非作業SAPシステム and 作成場所

IOJ-2103470 Software license management

User-based licenses may be incorrectly reported as “At Risk” when there are sufficient entitlements to cover consumption

Manually compare the consumption against purchased count rather than relying on the breach status for licenses affected.
IOJ-2158825 Web UI

Error in webui.log when viewing Installer Evidence tab of Discovered Device record: "System.InvalidOperationException: The result collection contains duplicate objects."

View the evidence tab on the inventory device record rather than the discovered device.
IOJ-1832671 Activity Log and System tasks

'Connection type' filter values displayed on the system task grid is incorrect.

IOJ-2073372 Activity Log and System tasks, Batch processing

Status of business import tasks may appear as 'Skipped' even though import has been executed

IOJ-2216337 Agent

AIX hard disk size not properly detected

No Known Workaround
IOJ-1803215 Agent, Component installers

FlexNet Inventory Agent installation/upgrade may pause for ~10 minutes unnecessarily to allow running agent processes to finish

IOJ-2190770 Agent, Inventory

ndtrack may crash with a segmentation fault while gathering inventory on a KVM hypervisor

IOJ-2119536 Agent, Inventory, Web UI

Locally configured ExcludeDirectory settings get overwritten by agent policy update even if no exclusions are specified in inventory settings in the UI

Configure file path exclusion/s through inventory settings page. Empty string is only set when no exclusion is selected.
IOJ-2099001 Agent, Component installers

Agent uninstall leaves config files on filesystem in Ubuntu environment

Run the following command to completely remove agent on Ubuntu environment:

dpkg --purge managesoft 
IOJ-1908563 Agent, Inventory

ndtrack.exe does not generate .ndi file in the specified folder when it was specified as '-o MachineZeroTouchDirectory="C:\"'

\\<your_inventory_ beacon_computer>\mgsRET$\Inventory\ndtrack.exe -t machine -o Upload=False -o MachineZeroTouchDirectory="C:\\" -o LogFile="C:\agentlog.log" -o IncludeDirectory=C:\
IOJ-1899773 Agent, Usage

User's domain may be reported as the computer's domain in usage metered by the FlexNet agent

Set the domain value in the registry via a GPO that triggers when a user logs on. It would create/update the string value UserLogonDomain under
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\ManageSoft Corp\ManageSoft\Common.
IOJ-1906201 Agent

Inventory agent should calculate processor count from HP-UX capacity on demand (COD) servers based on "number of enabled CPUs" / "Cores per socket"

If the calculated value is not equal to the number of enabled number of CPU's, you can fix this issue by overriding the number of processors which displays in the Processors field in the Hardware tab of the inventory device properties.
IOJ-1920660 Agent, Inventory

FlexNet inventory (ndi) file fails to upload when the user name contains a hash (#) character

IOJ-2087395 Agent, Inventory, Uploaded file importers

Inventory processing trims hostnames with dots (".") to only include characters up to the first dot

Use MachineID property to set the host name value
IOJ-2079185 Agent, Inventory

ndtrack process consumes a very large amount of memory and run for a long time when scanning a computer with hundreds of thousands of files

Reduce the areas of the file system being inventoried.
IOJ-1741737 Agent, Inventory, SAM for Oracle

Oracle Inventory files showed incorrect options being installed if there are two or more instances

IOJ-2203410 Agent

Disable Docker agent on unsupported systems.

No Known Workaround
IOJ-2118143 Agent, Inventory

NETBIOS computer name is returned inventory on Windows computers, which may differ from DNS name

Ensure NETBIOS names for computer match DNS names.
IOJ-1772771 Analytics (Cognos), Language Pack

The Report Designer (Cognos) data model package name, in the Public Folders tab, is not translated to German, Japanese, and French

No known workaround exists.
IOJ-2208351 Analytics (Cognos)

Resizing or Moving Management Dashboard tiles is not supported by Internet Explorer 11

Use alternative browser
IOJ-2103383 Analytics (Cognos)

Quantity per unit is not correctly handled in Analytics financial risk calculations.

No known workaround exists.
IOJ-1913873 Analytics (Cognos), Component installers

InstallCognos.ps1 script fails if service account is a member of an AD group that doesn't exist

To workaround the failure do the following:
1 Open InstallCognos.ps1 in a text editor
2 Search for the string "Test-LocalAdministrator"
3 Comment out the following lines of code like so:
#if ($serviceUser -ne $null -and -not (Test-LocalAdministrator $serviceUser)) {
# throw "The specified service user, $serviceUser must exist and be a member of the local administrators group. The user's domain must also exist and be contactable.";
4 Execute InstallCognos.ps1 again
IOJ-1752171 Batch processing

Batch processing tasks may fail when the batch server name is longer than 15 characters

Update the following registry keys, and then perform a server reboot (it may be sufficient to
restart the MSMQ service).

$msmqkey = "HKLM:\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\MSMQ\Parameters"
Log "Configuring '$msmqkey\IgnoreOSNameValidation'"
New-ItemProperty -Path $msmqkey -Name "IgnoreOSNameValidation" -Value 1 -PropertyType
DWord -ErrorAction Stop -Force | Out-Null

Log "Configuring '$msmqkey\IgnoreOSNameValidationForReceive'"
New-ItemProperty -Path $msmqkey -Name "IgnoreOSNameValidationForReceive" -Value 1
-PropertyType DWord -ErrorAction Stop -Force | Out-Null
IOJ-2118079 Beacon Monitor

Beacon Monitor overflows the default logging buffer of 65536 with error "bufio.Scanner: token too long"

No known workaround
IOJ-1988641 Business adapters

Bug - Unable to Update Lease End Reason to Blank using Business Adapter

IOJ-2168083 Business adapters

Business adapter not updating invoice date and number

Disable the settings to inherit PO details in the business adapter.
IOJ-2112985 Business adapters, Purchase management

Business adapter does not update purchase order invoice number/date when updating purchase order line details with InheritPOInvoiceDetails=1

IOJ-2114550 Business adapters

"Current value USD" is not populated on the All Assets page until the asset is drilled into and "Saved"

-Verify the asset is loaded and appears on the "All Assets" tab with no "Current Value (USD)"
-Drill into the Asset and verify the "Current Value" usd is populated.
-Select "Save" on the asset
-The "Current Value (USD)" will be populated on the "All Assets" tab.
IOJ-1866286 Business adapters, Web UI

One-off upload of enterprise group data may fail with non-English locale settings

To workaround this error perform the following on the server where the Batch Processor is installed and running:
1. Open the Control panel.
2. Click the Clock, Language and Region option.
3. Click the Region option.
4. On the Formats tab, change the Format option to English (United States).
IOJ-2069834 Business adapters

PO Business Adapter Quantity Per Unit Imports are inconsistent

No known workaround exists.
IOJ-1902977 Business adapters, Web API

Business adapters fail to retrieve data from SOAP API with error: Unable to cast object of type 'System.Net.HttpWebRequest' to type 'ManageSoft.BusinessImporter.HttpWebRequestFixture.IHttpWebRequest'

IOJ-1902655 Business adapters

Business adapters may rejected some records without storing any details of the rejected records in the dbo.ECMImportLog_Detail table

IOJ-1906677 Business adapters

Performance issue with license allocation through a business adapter

Break up the users into smaller sets and run a business import for each to make the allocations
IOJ-1929732 Business adapters

Fixed value will never match the domain "QualifiedName" field in adapter running on FlexNet Manager Suite Cloud beacon

Using file value from data source instead of specifying fixed value.
IOJ-1929449 Business adapters

A semi-colon in the password in a database connection string may cause a business adapter to fail

Don't use semi-colon characters in passwords used for business adapters.
IOJ-1922499 Business adapters

Business Adapter Studio - Directory Service & SSL

No known workaround exists.
IOJ-1920509 Business adapters, Contract management

BAS Term and Conditions Object - Contract ID Property has Missing Attribute ReferenceObjectType="Contract"

Manually edit the XML file that they used to perform import and add/update the following line in BOLD for TermAndCondition object.

<Object Type="TermAndCondition" Name="Terms And Conditions" Update="True" Create="True" OutputField="TermsAndConditions_ID">
<Property Type="contractid" Name="Contract ID" ..... Value="Contract_ID" />
IOJ-1992153 Business adapters, Database

Business imports fail with error once BusinessImportLogDetail_MT identity field reaches 2,147,483,647: Arithmetic overflow error converting IDENTITY to data type int

- take database back up
- to reseed identity run: dbcc checkident('BusinessImportLogDetail_MT', reseed, -2147483648)
IOJ-1720238 Business adapters

Business Adapter Studio or MGSBI.exe fails to encrypt source connection details with error when running without administrator rights: "The type initializer for 'Flexera.BusinessImport.CryptographerSelector' threw an exception"

IOJ-2108469 Business adapters, Purchase management

Non-ASCII characters not handled cleanly uploading purchase data in CSV form

Upload data in an Excel spreadsheet, or use non-Japenese encoding e.g. ASCII as a way to get data in the system.
IOJ-2109638 Business adapters

MGSBI does not retry failed sql or acquire lock when it runs

IOJ-2136920 Business adapters

Business Adapter Studio may configure a physical (non-temporary) table name when an import configured to use a temporary table is renamed

1. Enable the "Tools > Options > Show advanced options" setting in Business Adapter Studio
2. In the "Advanced properties" section of the import object, check and then uncheck the "Use Physical Table" option. This will reset the "Table name" field to a temporary table name (starting with a "#") which will allow the import to proceed.
IOJ-1757306 Business adapters

Business Adapter Studio may replace .csv file name with complex query text

IOJ-1737702 Business adapters, Contract management

Business Importer import will fail with 'sql data type conversion error' for field 'termandconditiontype', when data only contains numeric values.

Pass expected string value. For example, if you have a Type field and enter the type ID but it's expecting the actual text, it will fail.
IOJ-2184208 Business adapters

File Name field value is not saved by the Business Adaptor Studio for adapters using a CSV data source

When you open the integration xml file with the Business Adapter, uncheck the "generate automatically query" before re-selecting the file. It will prevent the custom query from being overwritten.
IOJ-2186083 CFE, SAM for Oracle

Consumption Mismatch for Oracle Application User license between Compliance and Consumption tab

No known workaround
IOJ-1770496 Component installers

"Cannot add duplicate key" for "aspnet:MaxHttpCollectionKeys" Error Dialog in IIS Manager when editing the Configuration

To resolve this issue, the duplicate key has to be manually removed from the web.config file on the FlexNet Manager Suite presentation server.

WARNING: Making any changes to the web.config file will cause the AppPool to restart. Any active users that are currently using the Web UI may be interrupted and any long running processes such as reports will be aborted. It is recommended that this is done out of operation
WARNING: Making changes to the web.config file can cause the WebUI to fail to start up and stop working. Before making any changes, ensure you have backed up the web.config file to another location.

To make this change:
1. Open notepad.exe in Administrator mode.
2. Using notepad, open the web.config file found in the WebUI folder of the Flexnet Manager
Platform install folder (default location is "c:\Program Files (x86)\Flexera Software\FlexNet
Manager Platform\WebUI").
3. Search for the lines that starts with '<add key="aspnet:MaxHttpCollectionKeys"'. This will be
under the "<appSettings>" XML node. If more than one is found, remove the duplicate entry
(the entire line).
4. Save the file and close Notepad.

It is recommended that after a change is made to the web.config file, a full IIS restart is made. To do this, either restart from IIS OR through command-line on the presentation server open a command prompt window in Administration mode and run type "iisreset /restart" (ignore quotes) and press enter. All sites hosted by your IIS instances will be restarted, so it is recommended that this is done outside of normal operation hours.
IOJ-1725619 Component installers

Multi-tenant database creation fails when attempting to use the same database for the IM and FNMP schemas

The best configuration is to separate the IM and FNMP databases.
IOJ-1727165 Component installers

Database connection was not updated when running InstallFNMS.ps1 with forceUpdateConfig

Modify the values in the registry:
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\WOW6432Node\ManageSoft Corp\ManageSoft\Reporter\CurrentVersion
IOJ-1925592 Component installers

FlexNet Manager Suite Installation log does not report errors that occur when checking for the default IIS site

Review the installation log files to check for any errors that occurred.
IOJ-1917931 Component installers, Inventory Beacon

Uninstalling a beacon from an app server breaks app server configuration

To workaround this issue repair the application server installation and then re-run the Config.ps1 PowerShell script from the Support folder in the installation media.
IOJ-2204109 Containers, Web UI

Tesco Error when exporting large numbers of records from all container view to Excel

Reduce dataset of export using filters
IOJ-2159829 Content Libraries, Security

Fatal exception during ARL import with enabled FIPS-related policies and use of proxy credentials

Use a proxy without authentication when running with FIPS enabled. Alternatively arrange a separate manual download of the Content libraries.
IOJ-2193927 Content Libraries, Web UI

"Minimum installations for suite recognition" on Application Evidence > Suite and Member tab cannot be edited in web UI

There is no work around to this blocking issue
IOJ-1874002 Content Libraries, Inventory import (read/write/export)

Local evidence not merged after reconcile

The FNMS database has a stored procedure called dbo.ARLMergeEvidence that will perform the merging. This can be run manually or regularly through some automated task.
IOJ-1773267 ContentDev Update

Manual loading of the Content libraries (ARL, SKU & PURL) may fail when an import is occurring

Do not perform a content import while a license reconciliation is in progress.
IOJ-2154583 Contract management

Contract Payment Schedules that are time based can also be invalidly configured as Pre-Paid

No known workaround exists.
IOJ-1922823 Contract management

Downgrade Rights of Contracts Not Inherited to LIcense

The downgrade rights can be manually configured on the license to match the contract.
IOJ-1780868 Contract management

Contract notification emails point to the 'localhost' address instead of the FQDN

IOJ-2162185 Database

Devices Missing widget count does not match the Out-Of-Date-Inventory view count

Identifying the inventory devices that are showing incorrect inventory dates in the Out of Date inventory view and then opening them up for editing and saving will correct the inventory date value in the grid. This will remove them from the Out of Date inventory view.
IOJ-1828362 Database, SAM for SAP

Mismatch of column size between SAP and FlexNet Manager Suite tables may cause errors in SAPReader.log: String or binary data would be truncated

IOJ-1914283 Database

ConsolidatedVMPool Template contains invalid ComplianceConnectionID column

No known workaround exists.
IOJ-1759700 Database, Integration: SCCM, Inventory import (read/write/export)

Imports from SCCM may cause temp tables to grow quickly

No known workaround exists.
IOJ-2225493 Database, Web UI

SQL Server 2019 Intelligent Query Processing causes 'Divide By Zero' errors on All Purchases export

Use 2017 Compatibility Mode
IOJ-1908799 Database

Disabled Asset synchronization rules and still an entry in the asset history

IOJ-2096900 Discovery

Discovery and Inventory Rules, rules "Current Run" and "Last completed run" can get overwritten by other rules

Avoid overlap with the rules, in that only certain rules can scan certain targets exclusively
IOJ-1904966 Discovery, Remote execution

Weekly discovery & remote execution rules may be scheduled to start 1 week later than expected

IOJ-2115122 Documentation, Web UI

Online Help may not display correctly for multi-tenant installations of FlexNet Manager Suite

Use the online help copy available at https://docs.flexera.com/?product=FlexNet%20Manager%20Suite%20On%20Premises
IOJ-2219522 Enterprise group management, Web UI

'Synchronize Enterprise Group in User and Device Properties' only updated when the former changes

Update the associated Users' Enterprise Group information.
Updating the Enterprise Group information would cause the synchronization to occur, leading to the Assigned User and Inventory Device Enterprise Group information matching.
IOJ-1759885 Hardware asset management

Lease end date is not updating on the main asset screen but is updated in the financial tab

IOJ-2154235 Hardware asset management

User Properties Hardware tab does not display non-device Assets

No known workaround exists.
IOJ-2215475 Hardware asset management, Web UI

Asset retirement reason not clearing out when Asset status changed from Disposed to Installed

1. Open asset properties view -> Change status from Installed to Disposed
2. Under End of Life -> Choose retirement reason to Disposed or any reason
3. Save the asset
4. Open the asset again
5. Then, change back asset status from Disposed to Installed without changing/removing the retirement reason under end of life
6. Save
IOJ-1990161 Hardware asset management, Web UI

Sequential change of asset properties does not save if the second change sets a value back to the original value

To workaround this issue close the properties after the first save and re-open the properties for the selected assets and change the desired field(s) back to the previous value and save again.
IOJ-2182360 Hardware asset management, Inventory

Inventory device status may be "Ignored" despite linked asset status being "Installed" (or another active status)

IOJ-1874351 Hardware asset management

Asset fails to be saved when CreationUser is longer than 64 characters

A shorter business adapter name will enable the concatenated user name to fit within the 64 character limit.
IOJ-2069157 Hardware asset management, Inventory, Web UI

Inventory device details not shown as expected when viewing asset records with a custom "managed" asset type

IOJ-1926911 Hardware asset management

User Values in All Assets Grid and Asset Properties Do Not Match

Can clear ownership information manually for assigned user, not for calculated user (aside from deleting in the db)
IOJ-2073641 Hardware asset management, Inventory import (read/write/export)

VM may not be linked to a host if duplicate asset exist with the same serial no

Delete duplicate Assets for a virtual machine with the same Serial No.
IOJ-1993771 Integration: Active Directory, Uploaded file importers

Importing Active Directory data may fail when multiple OUs are renamed

IOJ-2129465 Integration: Active Directory

AD imports of data should replace use of SamAccountName with UserPrincipalName for Users

No known workaround exists but the SAMAccountName is normally still acceptable to use.
IOJ-2115847 Integration: Admin Studio

FNMSWebAPI/AdminStudioApi/GetInstalledForDevices API call returns SoftwareTitleIDs of zero for unrecognized evidence on a device

Ignore any zero SoftwareTitleIDs returned by this API call.
IOJ-1713515 Integration: App Portal, Software license management

License availability check from App Portal does not consider any scoping on the license

No known workaround exists.
IOJ-2082630 Integration: App Portal

SoftwareLicenseGetFNMPAvailableByFlexeraID web service endpoint used by AppBroker may return incorrect license availability count when license is at risk

FlexNet Manager Suite (On-Premises) only:
Change SQL implementation/correct WHERE clause filter in dbo.SoftwareLicenseGetAvailableGlobalTable implementation. The WHERE clause filter currently has SoftwareLicenseSummary.StatusID != 2, meant to filter out retired license. However, SoftwareLicenseSummary.StatusID refers to SoftwareLicense.SoftwareLicenseComplianceStatusID, not SoftwareLicense.LicenseStatusID.

You will need to add a join to dbo.SoftwareLicense table, and change the WHERE clause to SoftwareLicense.LicenseStatusID != 2 -- LicenseStatus.Retired
IOJ-2197324 Integration: AWS

AWS Adapter fails when run on 14.x beacon or older

No Known Workaround
IOJ-2188731 Integration: AWS, Inventory import (read/write/export)

Connection to AWS through a proxy may fail with error unless PowerShell 5 is installed: "Method invocation failed because [System.Uri] does not contain a method named 'new'."

Upgrade PowerShell to version 5 or higher

Update old existing logic.ps1 file to replace the ::new() syntax with New-Object. Please note that upgrading FNMS without the bug being fixed will cause the bug to return.
IOJ-2127428 Integration: AWS

Import from AWS may fail with error running on batch server if old AWS SDK DLLs are installed: "Declaration referenced in a method implementation cannot be a final method. Type: 'Amazon.SecurityToken.AmazonSecurityTokenServiceConfig'."

IOJ-2120304 Integration: AWS

On the Dashboard the 'Inventory data inputs with issues' is showing only dots when there are issues with AWS connector.

No known workaround
IOJ-2229056 Integration: AWS

Test Connection button fails when configuring connection to Salesforce

Edit the inventory connection in the beacon UI, make no changes and then save the connection.
IOJ-2223247 Integration: BMC Discovery/ADDM

BMC ADDM Inventory Adapter - Cluster Duplicate Key Issue Solution

IOJ-1920400 Integration: BMC Discovery/ADDM, Inventory

VMs coming from ADDM merged unexpectedly if serial number is not unique

Use unique serial numbers
IOJ-2077955 Integration: BMC Discovery/ADDM

ADDM staging tool may fail to stage data and report the error: System.IO.IOException: Stream was too long

ADDM version 12.4 usually works without any failure.
IOJ-2121655 Integration: Citrix

XenAppAgent fails with null value error

DR is available or users can be added to the Delivery Group.
IOJ-1744196 Integration: Citrix, Security

Password for connecting to XenApp staging database cannot be encrypted

IOJ-1871958 Integration: Data Platform, Integration: SCCM

Hardware data imported from SCCM and Data Platform is marked as duplicate instead of being merged

Deleting duplicate devices from the inventory source will automatically fix this issue at the time of the next import.
IOJ-1870752 Integration: Data Platform

Count of Threads (logical processors) for a virtual host is incorrect when imported from the Data Platform v5 connector

The number of threads for a computer can be overridden on the Hardware tab of inventory device properties.
IOJ-2069656 Integration: ILMT & BigFix, Inventory

ILMT adapter may not import serial number for lPar and Zones virtual machine

IOJ-2077090 Integration: Microsoft 365, Purchase management, Web UI

Purchase order SKU processing may fail link the license created by the Office 365 Inventory adapter

This occurs when a license is set to AutoSynchronized (O365 auto created licenses by default set to AutoSynchronized) and SKU type is 5. To fix this error, you must manually link the purchase order to the license.
IOJ-1902954 Integration: Microsoft 365, Integration: Salesforce, Integrations: SAP, Software license management

User records from SAP, O365, Saleforce, etc may consume CAL licenses from access usage

For SAP users
1. Open the license and select the Consumption tab.
2. Clear the filters, then filter out for:
Domain Name: Is Empty
Consumed: Is Greater Than 0
Exemption reason: Is empty
3. Confirm the users in the list are all SAP users.
4. Click "Exemption reason" then "Add/Edit custom reason".
5. Add the custom reason "SAP Users" or similar and then save.
6. Click "Exemption reason" again, select the reason that was just created and save.
7. Repeat step 6 until all the SAP users are added to the 'SAP Users' custom exemption.
8. Perform a reconcile and check that the selected users are exempt from consuming the license.
IOJ-2083658 Integration: Microsoft 365, Inventory, Inventory import (read/write/export)

Inventory devices fabricated for users imported from Office 365 may have NULL "Device name" field value

If some of users come from the Office 365 adapter, but they're not part of ADImport, then our writer has no way of populating those users who come from office 365 adapter with a valid SAMAccountName which will be included in the AD import. The ideal solution is to have AD import set up, so all AD users are imported.
IOJ-2072047 Integration: Microsoft 365, Software license management

Licenses imported by the Microsoft 365 adapter don't show "Expiry date"

The expiry date can be manually populated on the Identification tab of license properties.
IOJ-2222617 Integration: Salesforce

Inconsistency between Consumption tab and Compliance tab of SaaS licenses when using the Salesforce connector

Use number in Consumption tab
IOJ-1753958 Integration: SCCM, Inventory import (read/write/export)

File evidences that only exist in x:\Windows folders in all the computers within the organization are not removed by SCCM adapter

IOJ-2069859 Integration: SCCM, Inventory import (read/write/export)

Values for device inventory properties MaxClockSpeed, TotalDiskSpace and TotalMemory are rounded differently when imported from FlexNet agent inventory compared to other sources such as SCCM

No known workaround exists.
IOJ-1989329 Integration: ServiceNow

Misleading errors appear in the ServiceNow export log file for failed operations which are not problematic

IOJ-2129017 Integration: ServiceNow

HTTP session is not persisted across multiple calls made to ServiceNow API when exporting data from FlexNet Manager Suite

No workaround available
IOJ-2090312 Integration: ServiceNow

Violation of unique key constraint 'UQ_MemberEx' when importing ServiceNow assets

No known workaround exists.
IOJ-1907084 Integration: ServiceNow

ServiceNow import missing some assets if the records are being imported in multiple sets

Append the 2 lines to the query:
viewRec.chooseWindow(recordFrom, recordTo);
IOJ-1759651 Integration: ServiceNow

ServiceNow import rejects assets with an incorrect date.

IOJ-2214437 Integration: Tanium

Adapter fails when special characters from Tanium view not handled properly

Remove data with special characters or speak to Tanium to have this data cleaned
IOJ-1758441 Integrations: SAP, Inventory Beacon

Beacon configuration changes always trigger IIS reconfiguration

No known workaround exists.
IOJ-1769976 Inventory, SAM for Oracle

Oracle Database instances read from TNSNAMES.ORA are never deleted

IOJ-1760950 Inventory, SAM for Oracle

Remote Oracle Database inventory may create inventory devices with IP address as their name when inventory gathering fails

IOJ-2151567 Inventory, Operators, rights and roles, Web UI

Inventory Device Properties' Evidence tab - Raw Name and Recognised Application not populated for Read-Only users

IOJ-1747873 Inventory

Machines in the range of the subnets setting may be listed in "Unmanaged Devices" when they have multiple IP addresses

Include the IP address in the subnet settings.
IOJ-2162905 Inventory, Operators, rights and roles

There is no way to set CMInventory right that is used for cloud instance report

Clone out of the box 'Operator' role to grant access to an operator account, It will enable the operator to see the contents of the Cloud Instance in the custom report.
IOJ-2113046 Inventory, Web UI

VMs missing hosts may not appear on "Virtual Devices and Clusters" page

IOJ-2135573 Inventory, Reports

Application Installation Details report may time out or take a long time to run

IOJ-2226007 Inventory, SAM for Oracle

Oracle VM Manager inventory task fails when server is not part of server pool

IOJ-2101817 Inventory, Web UI

Disabling the 'Link virtual machine to the same asset as VM host' System Setting has no effect

Unlinking the host from the Asset will stop VMs being linked to it.
IOJ-1879672 Inventory, Inventory import (read/write/export), Uploaded file importers

Market model numbers for Lenovo & IBM hardware are not imported

No known workaround exists.
IOJ-1888047 Inventory, Remote execution, SAM for Oracle

Direct Oracle inventory may report false positive failure when targeting individual nodes in cluster

Please use the Installed inventory agent OR Zero touch inventory agent method
OR target scan listener if using direct inventory method.
IOJ-1888512 Inventory, Inventory Beacon, SAM for Oracle

Oracle inventory may be missing EBS applications inventory if multiple nodes targeted by the same rule and there are tens of thousands of users

This occurs when 20,000 users are assigned to multiple EBS applications and you target multiple nodes within the same rule. Resolve this issue by creating one rule for each node in a cluster and schedule to run in sequential order.
IOJ-2076859 Inventory, Reports, Web UI

Application install count shown in reports includes ignored devices, while install count shown in All Applications grid excludes ignored devices

1. In the report at "Suite/Reports/ApplicationInstallationDetail", click the filter icon.
2. Add the "Status" column if it is not already there.
3. In the status column, type "Active" and press enter.

You should find that the report is now filtered to only the active devices.

Note: This report shows the detail down the the Computer name and User level, depending on the application type.

IOJ-2074048 Inventory, Remote execution, SAM for Oracle

Error during scanning of Oracle instances from a Beacon server: 'Failed to create stream with error: 0x80070003'

IOJ-1916182 Inventory

Deleting an inventory connection may not delete all associated data

To delete data from ComplianceComputer and ImportedComputer run the following SQL command

Exec ComplianceConnectionDeleteForComplianceConnectionID <TheDeletedComplianceConnectionID>
IF (@@Error = 0)
IOJ-1930963 Inventory, SAM for Oracle

Oracle instances are not unlinked when device is ignored

Delete the ignored inventoried devices.
IOJ-2110487 Inventory, Web UI

FlexNet Inventory Agent Status page may show red error bar with error in webui.log if group path is longer than 256 chars: System.Data.SqlClient.SqlException (0x80131904): "String or binary data would be truncated"

*Workaround: to be confirmed - Customer is attempting to modify their cost centers so the length could be less than 128 in order to display grid view
IOJ-1754164 Inventory Beacon

Loading a Beacon configuration file with an error does not provide useful troubleshooting information

No known workaround exists.
IOJ-2190320 Inventory Beacon

Beacons may not upload inventory files in time order when there is a large backlog of files to upload

If large number of inventories is common, splitting out the load to multiple beacons should be considered (this is standard practice).
IOJ-2115554 Inventory Beacon

Cyberark Password store in beacon does not interpret special characters correctly

Rename the CyberArk vault to not include the special characters "!$[".
IOJ-2118112 Inventory Beacon

Beacon UI connection tests should accept response code 307 as valid

Ignore the error message as the beacon connection is successful.
IOJ-1817061 Inventory Beacon

Scheduled import tasks on beacons may run 1 hour late or early after daylight savings time change

IOJ-1831136 Inventory Beacon

When creating a Beacon connection, the displayed adapters are not filtered by the selection server connection type.

Keep trying until you find a combination that works.
IOJ-1923680 Inventory Beacon, Inventory import (read/write/export)

Inventory fails to upload if the connection name has a trailing space

Remove any trailing space characters from the connection name.
IOJ-1993472 Inventory Beacon

Beacon UI will get stuck in a loop if there are unsaved changes and a new beacon version is available to install

IOJ-1722569 Inventory Beacon

A rule with “As soon as possible” setting, the 'Next scheduled run' time is displayed in UTC time.

IOJ-2108758 Inventory Beacon

Race condition causing Unhandled Exception when launching the beacon UI

The beacon will continue to function as normal after acknowledging the exception.
IOJ-1738367 Inventory Beacon

Beacon error when enabling the debug mode logging: Unable to load DLL 'SQLite.Interop.dll'

IOJ-2224816 Inventory Beacon

The task status for ”Virtual cluster server scan for IBM PVU” remains in "in progress" even after timeout when beacon engine restarted

IOJ-2201452 Inventory Beacon

vCenter ETDP Trace Not Working

No Known Workaround
IOJ-2150566 Inventory import (read/write/export)

Inventory matching needs additional run to show matches for new computers

After computer creation, waiting for a first round of matching to be performed for that computer will show the matching results.
IOJ-2214507 Inventory import (read/write/export)

Error "Invalid length parameter passed to the LEFT or SUBSTRING function" triggered in SyncDiscoveredDevice.xml

No Known Workaround
IOJ-2199881 Inventory import (read/write/export)

IP Address Field Being Truncated

No Known Workaround
IOJ-2113379 Inventory import (read/write/export)

VMs with removed KVM SDK is reported as Host in ComputerResourceData table (IM)

Delete the inventory record for the computer and the type will be corrected when re-imported.
IOJ-2101085 Inventory import (read/write/export)

Editing license details while reconcile is running may cause "ReconcileLicenses - Finalize" reconcile step to fail with error 'INSERT statement conflicted with the FOREIGN KEY constraint "FK_SoftwareLicensesCoresConsumedData_SoftwareLicenseSnapshot"'

Re-running the reconcile with no licenses being deleted during execution will succeed and correct up the license position.
IOJ-2122279 Inventory import (read/write/export)

Validation errors on computer import if field 'InstanceCloudID' is missing from or has blank value in Spreadsheet.

The validation error does not stop the successful import and can be ignored.
IOJ-1874353 Inventory import (read/write/export)

Import reading from FlexNet inventory database may fail with a timeout (or perform slowly) at the CreateLicenseUserStringMappings step

A possible workaround to try is detailed in Flexera Community: https://community.flexera.com/t5/FlexNet-Manager-Forum/Full-Recon-failed-after-Upgrade-to-2019-R1/m-p/114813
IOJ-1890554 Inventory import (read/write/export), Usage

Usage data from the FlexNet inventory agent for .exe files with a file version value longer than 32 characters may be ignored by import process

IOJ-1923315 Inventory import (read/write/export), SAM for Oracle

Deletion & re-creation of Oracle instances appear in history after every import

IOJ-1753394 Inventory import (read/write/export)

Inventory from deleted connections is considered when matching computer records

IOJ-2137449 Operators, rights and roles

Show Assessment Details button requires normal permissions to view assessment details

Have both the "Allocate license to user or devices" and "Modify an existing software license" permissions need to set to "allow"
IOJ-2098071 Operators, rights and roles

"Sign In Failure" may be shown when logging in to a Managed Service Provider when SSO (SingleSignOn) is enabled.

When the license is updated, "TenantDomain" in the "GroupTenant" table in the "FNMSBroker" database gets cleared.
The issue can be resolved by updating the value with the following query:

update GroupTenant set TenantDomain = 'domain' where TenantUID = '<Tenant UID for the target tenant>'
IOJ-1896212 Operators, rights and roles

Custom Operator Roles Fails with 403 Unauthorized Error when accessing My Account page

IOJ-2214894 Operators, rights and roles, Web UI

Operator Scoping interactions incorrect for Create New Inventory Device Scoped/Allowed and Unscoped/Disallowed permissions

IOJ-2177166 Purchase management

Red bar error while scoped operator trying to process purchase order

A scoped operator can only create scoped licenses while processing purchase orders.
IOJ-2149339 Purchase management

Provide proper error message instead of red-bar error when processing Purchase Orders with the same PO number and Line Number

Re-fresh the Unprocessed Purchases grid before processing purchases to check they have not already been processed.
IOJ-2190318 Purchase management, Web UI

Created By on All Purchases is blank but the history tab of the Purchase has a Created By value

IOJ-1860308 Purchase management, Web UI

Red bar error with error in webui.log while processing multiple purchases: "The maximum number of form, query string, or posted file items has already been read from the request"

Process the purchases in smaller batches. Alternatively, consider enabling automatic acceptance of purchases using some of the settings on the Purchases tab of the System Settings page (for example automatically accept for a given Vendor).
IOJ-1847217 Purchase management

Maintenance checkbox is enabled by default, when a purchase is linked to a contract

Uncheck the checkbox.
IOJ-2074425 Purchase management, Web UI

Filtering by cost centers in 'All Purchases' view may time out with red error bar

No known workaround exists.
IOJ-1996760 Purchase management

Not able to identify candidate licenses for purchases correctly based on an unknown SKU

The purchases can be manually linked to the licenses, either via the PO processing feature or via license and purchase properties.
IOJ-1996738 Purchase management

License and Maintenance Expiry showing incorrect purchases expired unless all maintenance are covered

When not all entitlements can be covered with maintenance there is no known workaround.
IOJ-1700887 Purchase management

Purchases processed manually from Unprocessed Purchases use a hardcoded 12 months expiry date rather than the date from the Purchase or linked contract

The expiry date of the maintenance can be manually updated after linking on the Purchases tab of license properties (or vice-versa).
IOJ-1883392 Remote execution

Remote execution uses host names while "Attempt connection only by IP address" is checked for the target.

A few workarounds may exist (untested):

* install the agent on the affected machines
* specify the proper host name in FlexNet Manager Suite so we use the "correct" name
IOJ-2159392 Reports

Column order set when configuring a report may not be saved

IOJ-1719515 Reports

Unhandled exception happens when running the Licenses by Group Assignment report

IOJ-1753565 Reports, Web UI

Unable to vertically scroll the Advanced Filter sub window for grids when many filters are configured

IOJ-2185240 Reports

When an operator is limited by Category, the Inventory Device's Assigned Users aren't being displayed in the Custom Report feature

IOJ-2134958 Reports

Filter is not applied when the full enterprise structure path is entered in the Location/Cost Center/Business Unit column filter in a report

Enter a partial string of the desired filter, for example "Ita" instead of "Italy".
IOJ-2224716 Reports, Web UI

Custom Reports - Installation Object ignores filters on Computer Object

No Known Workaround
IOJ-2104940 Reports

Add exemption reason for 'Device role meets exemption reason' into the reports to match consumption grid

There is no known workaround for the exemption reason to show in reports, however it can be viewed in the regular license views and consumption properties tab.
IOJ-1834533 Reports

Incorrect Consumption for Compliance Trend Report When 'Include Costs' Option Selected

No known workaround exists.
IOJ-2069517 Reports

Error occurs when opening or editing a report in Firefox

IOJ-2088427 Reports

Issues with Report Builder > Advanced Filter > Cost Center > Search

No known workaround exists.
IOJ-1917147 Reports, SAM for IBM

PVU override report does not show manually overridden inventory device hardware property values

Summary: If a device has an empty hardware property (core, processors, etc) and a value is entered, the new value and the change event will not appear in the override report (for example, the PVU override report).

Workaround: When you change the value a second time, the updated override value will appear in the override report.
IOJ-1902947 Reports

Report filter condition may change from "Does not equal" to "Equals" after saving

IOJ-1921895 Reports

Rows with blank "Inventory Device > Inventory Agent" values may be included in report even with filter to exclude such rows

No known workaround exists.
IOJ-2088315 Reports

Reports with a lot of columns do not respect a filter on Device Status

The filter for Status can be changed from All to Active and the Ignored devices will disappear
IOJ-1989757 Reports

x-axis label does not change to reflect the Chart type selected in the Drop down list.

IOJ-2072267 Reports

Inconsistent 'Hosted in' value for 'On Premise' in custom report

Use the field "Hosted in cloud". If the value of "Hosted in cloud" is "No", the "hosted in" value would be "On-premises". If the value of "Hosted in cloud" is yes, the "Hosted in" value would be non-empty (will display one of cloud service provider name).
IOJ-1741049 Reports

'User License Details' report page's flydown does not list all the user license types.

No known workaround exists.
IOJ-2204198 SAM for IBM

IBM PVU License consumption tab incorrectly shows used when there is no usage

IOJ-1815912 SAM for IBM, SAM for Oracle

When an "overridden consumption" value is set for a vm with Pool or Pset, the "Consumed points" will be set to 0 for Oracle processor licenses and IBM PVU licenses

The points consumed by affected computers can be overridden on the consumption tab of license properties.
IOJ-2168902 SAM for IBM

Virtual machines consume PVU when host is ignored

When a host is set to ignore, set all the linked VM to ignored as well
IOJ-1712400 SAM for IBM, Web UI

Fields are missing for "IBM UVU" licensing type on identification tab (Licensing Properties).

No known workaround exists.
IOJ-1756121 SAM for IBM, Software license management, Web UI

Wording of 'Allow sub-capacity licensing for sources other than approved IBM tools and FlexNet Manager Suite' option in License properties, is unclear

Enable either PVU scanning or the "Allow sub-capacity licensing for sources other than approved IBM tools and FlexNet Manager Suite option"
IOJ-2116839 SAM for Microsoft, Software license management

Windows VM's running on Windows Datacenter HyperV host should not consume other Windows license when host is licensed

Allocate all the VMs running Windows Server edition other than Datacenter on Windows Datacenter HyperV host to Windows Server Datacenter license.
IOJ-1929129 SAM for Microsoft, Web UI

Details on Consumption tab of Microsoft User CAL license may take a long time to load

Recommended workaround is to use the CAL License Summary report or build a report.
IOJ-2195024 SAM for Microsoft

Retired Microsoft User CAL licenses still showing consumption even after reconciliation

3 possible workarounds.
1) Change the license to usage within a time limit, and usage limit to 1 day.
2) Change the type of the license
3) Delete the license
IOJ-1990104 SAM for Oracle

All Oracle processor consumption written to the data warehouse is zero

No known workaround exists.
IOJ-1988647 SAM for Oracle

Attribute mapping between Oracle LMS overview user count and edition information may be incorrect

IOJ-2168048 SAM for Oracle

Permanent allocation of a device without installation to Oracle processor license cause over consume

Allocate VMs with the licensed installed application, not host
IOJ-1867392 SAM for Oracle

Customers and Oracle need consistent exclusions of Oracle user accounts

IOJ-1841763 SAM for Oracle, Web UI

Unused Oracle options are being displayed in the Unlicensed Installations grid.

Assign the unlicensed installations to a license to stop them showing in the unlicensed installations grid.
IOJ-2093927 SAM for Oracle, Software license management

Users with expired responsibilities consume Application User licenses for Oracle EBS applications

Remove expired responsibility from the EBS system. Alternatively it is possible to manually override/exempt the consumption to account for this.
IOJ-1990718 SAM for Oracle, Software license management, Web UI

Different compliance statuses may be shown on the License Summary grid vs the license properties page for an Oracle Processor license

No known workaround exists.
IOJ-2108310 SAM for Oracle, Software license management

Calculated Consumption may be incorrect when expanding hosts in Consumption tab for Oracle Processor licenses

IOJ-1996841 SAM for SAP

SAP inventory gathered by beacon may end up in Bad Packages folder after the system type is changed in the beacon UI

IOJ-2129532 SAM for SAP

Integer sapTransactionProfileID must be passed as first parameter to HasTransactionProfileMaxObjectTypesMatch rule condition rather than a string sapTransactionProfileName value as documented

IOJ-2121743 SAM for SAP

When retiring SAP users, ValidTo date is not updated if non-NULL

This can be worked around by manually setting the ValidTo date to the retirement date in the target system.
IOJ-1915067 SAM for SAP, Web UI

The view and delete buttons in three SAP grids are disabled when user clicks delete and cancel the dialog prompt

IOJ-1930080 SAM for SAP

Assigning parent group in SAP System Landscape may be unavailable

IOJ-1922590 SAM for SAP

Error may appear in beacon-services.log after deleting SAP data: "System.Data.DBConcurrencyException: DB concurrency violation at [...] GetAllActiveSAPSystemLandscapes()"

Create an empty system landscape on FlexNet Manager Suite SAP portal web UI and set its status to active.
IOJ-1922320 SAM for SAP

SAP Systems cannot get imported or syncd in the corresponding systemlandscape

IOJ-1927439 SAM for SAP, Security, Web UI

Red error bar shown creating SAP Admin Module in UI with error in webui.log when strong password requirements configured: "Cannot find the symmetric key 'FNMSAPPortalKey', because it does not exist or you do not have permission"

Contact Flexera Support for a script that can workaround this issue
IOJ-2131693 SAML, Security

SAML integration does not work when Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS) compliant encryption settings are is enabled

IOJ-2110001 SAML

Login link is not redirecting to tenanted domain and hence may not show appropriate SAML login page

Go to /Suite directly, so instead of mydomain.flexnetmanager.com, go to mydomain.flextnetmanager.com/Suite

IOJ-1753579 Software license management, Web UI

In 'Product Summary' view, additional 'Product Name' filtering is resticted

IOJ-1760767 Software license management

The "Available" field in custom report may show incorrect value

IOJ-2217377 Software license management

Applications with unknown ReleaseDate are not added as upgrade versions even when the Until Date is in the future

IOJ-1990873 Software license management

Upgrade/Downgrade Rights don't apply to new versions of local application records

No known workaround exists.
IOJ-1990017 Software license management

Calculated Consumption incorrect for Microsoft Server Core license

IOJ-1815335 Software license management, Web UI

Drill-down from Product Summary page to License Summary page may show no results when multiple primary products are linked to a license

When multiple primary products are linked to a license, on license summary page choose Primary Product = "Multiple products"
IOJ-2166965 Software license management

Selecting a license model from license creation wizard might result in incorrect downgrade rights

Create the license via a purchase with a SKU instead.
IOJ-2125500 Software license management

Unlicensed Installations view includes installations of applications that are linked to custom metric licenses

License the applications using two separate custom metric type licenses.
IOJ-2106472 Software license management

License with Custom Metric changing consumption erroneously

No known workaround exists.
IOJ-2096406 Software license management

License Summary shows Licensed or Consumed values as zero

IOJ-1894269 Software license management

License consumption tab may not show VM consumption if VM pool has incorrect host

Delete the host which the VM pool is linked to and then re-import.
IOJ-1887943 Software license management, Web UI

Unexpected error reported attempting to create license with a name longer than 256 characters

Use a name of less than 256 characters for the license.
IOJ-1913948 Software license management

SUSE Enterprise Linux (SLES) is not classified as a "server" OS for FlexNet Manager Suite licensing

No known workaround exists.
IOJ-1901394 Software license management

License consumption may be calculated as 0 for a device with an installed application that is explicitly allocated to a Processor license covering that application when "Allocations consume license entitlements" option is checked

IOJ-1929690 Software license management, Web UI

Recommended License Changes page continuously suggests changes for licenses linked to purchases with different SKUs that have different license metrics

No known workaround exists.
IOJ-1660534 Software license management, Web UI

Product Name values may be empty on some rows shown in the Product Summary grid

Using the card view of this information will show "No Product" strings when there is no product name.
IOJ-1715217 Software license management, Web UI

Licenses which are subject to true up should never be at risk, but may still appear on the Licenses As Risk page

The correct compliance status is shown on the All Licenses page.
IOJ-2070693 Software license management, Web UI

'Restrict to OS' setting should be 'Read Only' for Client based License Types.

No known workaround exists.
IOJ-1799849 Software license management

Creating a Local Suite - Minimum installation for suite recognition issue

IOJ-1733027 Software license management

"Enterprise group assignment" doesn't take negative "Purchase quantity" into account

The correct purchase quantities are available in other parts of the user interface.
IOJ-1743451 Software license management

Manual asset creation allows duplicate serial number

No known workaround exists.
IOJ-1929569 Software license management

Calculated Consumption in Consumption tab is incorrect when computer has role exempted and manually exempted

IOJ-2093631 Software license management, Web UI

Incorrect and/or obsolete "Recommended License Change" are not removed when no longer relevant

The obsolete recommended license change can be moved to an ignored status so it does not appear in the active recommended license changes list.
IOJ-1813791 Software license management

Upgrade of edition logic doesn't find the correct recommended licenses

The upgrade purchase can be manually linked to the license (or the license manually chosen in the PO processing wizard).
IOJ-2155670 VMware discovery & inventory

Delete obsolete VMWare discovery after certain number of days

Use custom targets for IBM frequent virtualization inventory to avoid targeting all the known virtualization managers or hosts
IOJ-2218654 VMware discovery & inventory

VMWare showing incorrect version

No Known Workaround
IOJ-2118344 VMware discovery & inventory

vCenter inventory fails using Inventory rule

Configure the rule to also perform discovery of devices.
IOJ-1921625 VMware discovery & inventory

Host to VM links that have been set manually may be automatically removed

IOJ-2149221 Web UI

Bulk update of many inventory device records through web UI may lead to 404 NOT FOUND error due to length of the URL

Use business adapter OR less number of inventory devices to do the bulk update.
IOJ-2209326 Web UI

'Containers' value in All Applications is not Scoped

IOJ-2219021 Web UI

The Raw Software Usage view's filters cannot be cleared

Currently, each time the Report is hanging and the customer needs the filter reset, this must be raised with SRE for Cloud customers.
Note SRE-2829, SRE-2708, and SRE-2773.
IOJ-2206864 Web UI

Red error bar message shown by All Assets view when two custom properties are configured with the same name except for a special character at the end

Delete either one of the entries and reset IIS will resolve the issue. Example of the issue e.g. Property Name 'CustomAssetProperty:' and 'CustomAssetProperty' and reset the IIS on the FNMS WebUI presentation server.
IOJ-1994790 Web UI

Editing suite members on the Evidence tab of Application properties alters minimum installed application count unexpectedly

No known workaround exists.
IOJ-1713529 Web UI

Wrong error message is displayed when tried to change the type twice on Licenses/Contracts/Devices page.

IOJ-1806660 Web UI

Bug: Hide Affinity Rules tab/view when DRS is disabled

IOJ-2163632 Web UI

Agent status page not populating "Policy specifies" and "Policy effective Date" for non windows

No known workaround exists.
IOJ-2193570 Web UI

Description on the Ignored Applications page is misleading and does not match online help

No Known Workaround
IOJ-2184560 Web UI

Filter displays as "[]" when a column filter is set to "Empty" or "Blank" on the Cloud Service Provider Inventory page

No Known Workaround
IOJ-2180945 Web UI

The License tab of Inventory Device Properties: Device name is incorrectly displaying the Compliance ComputerID with View Only role

IOJ-2113165 Web UI

Local application classification change not showing in history

IOJ-2111778 Web UI

Filters on application "Classification" continue to appear in previous language when UI language is changed

No known workaround. The filter needs to be rebuilt in the new language.
IOJ-2100978 Web UI

Unable to expand Task/Step in System Tasks when using advanced filter

No known workaround
IOJ-2098849 Web UI

Custom properties are added in Custom Properties Tab not a specifically created custom tab when created in application properties

IOJ-2096292 Web UI

Slider does not appear on large tables in Chromium based browsers on Mac

Please use the alternate Safari browser.
IOJ-2095644 Web UI

Advanced Filter cannot be configured in "Assets" section of "Hardware" tab when viewing a user record

Only workaround is to use a different filter type, however that may not allow the required filter to be configured.
IOJ-2112877 Web UI

Delete buttons in web UI may be displayed for users with read-only access, but no function happens

The delete button takes no action and data is unchanged.
IOJ-1825782 Web UI

Exporting grid from inventory device History tab to PDF format may fail with an error in webui.log: "Cannot query a data store using criterion [...]"

IOJ-1877312 Web UI

Inconsistent data reflected in the Assigned User field of Asset in different views

Import active directory data. This should bring UserName and SAMAccountName.
IOJ-1839232 Web UI

Expanding nodes on the tree grid on the System Tasks page may result in the expanded node appearing below the child nodes, instead of appearing at the top.

IOJ-1844886 Web UI

Time value may change depending on export format chosen. Exports .csv, .pdf, and .rtf use the local timezone, while .xlsx exports using the server timezone.

Use either CSV or another export format and import that into Excel instead of using the XLSX export format.
IOJ-1843592 Web UI

Attempting to configure an email address containing an apostrophe (') on a FlexNet Manager Suite account fails with error: "Invalid email format"

IOJ-1879531 Web UI

Saving a license for a change does not save the change due to a problem but there is no user friendly indication shown to the user

No known workaround exists.
IOJ-1850923 Web UI

Users scoped by corporate unit can no longer not see the corresponding location on Enterprise -> Corporate Units when the "Restore defaults" button is clicked.

IOJ-2069090 Web UI

Installer Evidence "Type" shown as number when searching in Evidence tab on an application record

No known workaround exists.
IOJ-2102720 Web UI

Data exported from Application Installation Details page may not match data shown in UI

No known workaround exists.
IOJ-2092446 Web UI

Validation on the input field for creating an inventory device.

Do not populate '/' characters in the MAC Address field.
IOJ-2090804 Web UI

FNMS takes you back to the wrong page after closing out of the licenses page

IOJ-1903418 Web UI

CAL and SaaS licenses do not appear in Licenses tab of user properties

The users can be viewed on the Users tab of the license properties.
IOJ-1929383 Web UI

Application history filter does not work with "begins with" for words like 'linked', 'allocated', 'unallocated'

No known workaround exists.
IOJ-1924649 Web UI

Domain Name Appearing Differently in Two Views

IOJ-1927224 Web UI

Dashboard Management Red error Bar - Widget "Licenses under-consumed by 5% or more" due to license Overall unit price hit arithmetic overflow

Reduce license consumption and purchase counts by a factor of 1000 (for example) to keep the sum of these counts lower but still all relative.
IOJ-1926860 Web UI

Device licenses which are allocated to users that are assigned to ignored computers cannot be seen on the consumption tab and causes red bar errors on the User Hardware tab

No known workaround exists.
IOJ-1926051 Web UI

History for Consumed entitlements in Custom metric licenses are not displayed

No known workaround exists.
IOJ-1922610 Web UI

Application properties may not load

IOJ-2087584 Web UI

Printing UI pages from browser may be malformed

It is possible to use the export to PDF/XLSX function for grids and print that. For other pages there is no known workaround.
IOJ-1995286 Web UI

Custom metric doesn't save on first attempt

After the metric is added and saved you need to select the new metric in the drop down and save the license.
IOJ-1995267 Web UI

Metric dropdown on license Identification tab may contain no entries after switching between license tabs

Close license property page and reopen.
IOJ-1712201 Web UI

Computer Properties > History tab, showing "Number of threads was set to 0" without changing anything

IOJ-2088623 Web UI

All Applications grid may show "The Application has Overlapping Evidence" alert after the overlapping evidence has been removed

No known workaround exists.
IOJ-2082834 Web UI

The filter values available in the "Connection type" column of the System Tasks page do not match the values listed in that column so the filter cannot be used

No known workaround exists.
IOJ-2082833 Web UI

Incorrect data displays in the "Connection type" column of the System Tasks page

No known workaround exists.
IOJ-2071802 Web UI

"Advanced filter" setting is not saved properly with multi-level conditions.

No known workaround exists.
IOJ-1780811 Web UI

Saving Account Properties causes a red error bar after previously adding a new role

Force a browser refresh of the page and the red error bar should no longer occur. May also need to start a new browser tab, or new browser window, or close all browsers, then start again.
IOJ-1735868 Web UI

Cannot configure FNMPDataWarehouse DB connection details from the user interface

To update the connection details use one or the following queries. This workaround is for single tenant on-premises installation.

To update both the DB server and the DB name: update ComplianceConnection set Server = '<servername>', DatabaseName='<dbname>'
where SourceType='FNMPDataWarehouse'
To only update the DB sever name: update ComplianceConnection set Server = '<servername>' where SourceType='FNMPDataWarehouse'
To only update the DB name: update ComplianceConnection set DatabaseName='<dbname>' where SourceType='FNMPDataWarehouse'

Also in one more location in the registry needs to be updated in the location "HKLM\Software\Wow6432node\Managesoft Corp\Managesoft\Reporter\CurrentVersion" and update the connection string in the registry key "FNMPDWDatabaseConnectionString"

You must also update the references in the Cognos. This could be edited through Cognos administration, that is a web admin in Cognos Connection /Administration).
IOJ-2189013 Web UI

Alerts related to software maintenance on licenses are not scoped to user privileges

Hide the alert. Given the complexity of recalculating all alerts on the fly for each user according to his scoped role, hiding the alert is the best solution I see.
IOJ-1923253 Agent, Inventory, SAM for Oracle

Agent-based Oracle inventory fails when ORACLE_HOME environment variable is set incorrectly in impersonated user's profile on Unix-like operating systems

Use direct Oracle inventory collection from the beacon. This is documented in the System Reference PDF
On the Oracle server, run each Oracle instance which is using a different home path under a different user account. Configure ORACLE_HOME environment variable in the users environment to the correct home path for the instance. Inventory will then succeed using latest agent.
IOJ-2231885 Agent

Misleading ManageSoft Event Viewer Error entries

IOJ-1908802 Business adapters, Documentation

Attempting to open the online help from Business Adapter Studio (BAS) results in a 404 error with BAS version 2017 R2 (and older) with FlexNet Manager Suite 2018 R1 (and newer)

Open the 'Using FlexNet Business Adapters' guide.
IOJ-1928571 Database

Performance issue when saving applications caused by calculation of application alerts

No known workaround exists.
IOJ-2189563 Database, SAM for SAP, Security

FNMSAPPortalKey uses TRIPLE_DES algorithm instead of AES

No Known Workaround
IOJ-2228184 Discovery, Remote execution

Beacon schedule times affected when time zone (including daylight savings) is changed without restarting the beacon engine service

Restart beacon engine service
IOJ-1715235 Inventory, Web UI

Inventory without Assets view lists virtual machines where the host is linked to an asset, and the 'Link virtual machine to the same asset as VM host' option is enabled

IOJ-2120256 Inventory Beacon

Plink.exe and Pscp.exe 2019 versions do not work for authentication with Key Pair auth

Use older beacon version or install older versions of the affected components on new version.
IOJ-1880916 Inventory Beacon

Beacon upgrade may fail with error: "Could not find file 'C:\ProgramData\Flexera Software\...\upgrade.xml'."

This is because the upgraded beacon package has not been downloaded yet on the local beacon servers, should be resolved in some time. Retry in about 15 min
IOJ-2168827 Inventory import (read/write/export)

Evidence Alerts step taking a long time

Use the attached List_OverlappingEvidenceAndApplicationsGroupByEvidenceSP.sql
IOJ-2225722 Inventory import (read/write/export), SAM for IBM

"Calculating consumptions for licenses from devices with history" license reconciliation step may fail with an ArgumentNullException error from ReconcileTemporalInstalledSoftware.set_Item

Run a full reconcile
IOJ-2231623 Inventory import (read/write/export), SAM for Oracle

Oracle Transparency Error: Failed to deserialize the rule definitions for feature 'Partitioning'

IOJ-2122825 Reports, SAM for IBM

Non-IBM PVU type licenses are reported in the IBM PVU License Consumption Report

Ignore the non PVU type licenses in this report or filter them out.
IOJ-2219171 SAM for IBM

PVU license consumption not occurring when machine have duplicated FNMPComputerUID's

No Known Workaround
IOJ-2223710 Software license management

Violation of PRIMARY KEY constraint 'xxx'. Cannot insert duplicate key in object 'dbo.@SoftwareLicensePointsConsumed'

Deleting and re-creating the license file will resolve the issue
IOJ-2222078 Software license management

Inactive Users have a license allocation according to the DB tables but do not show up in the UI under License/Consumption as being allocated

If the user still exists in FNMS: 
Mark the Inactive user as active, perform a reconcile. Then make changes to the allocation and License Key assignment before marking the user as inactive and performing another reconcile. 

On-Premises customers can also use stored procedure [FNMSCompliance].[dbo].[SoftwareLicenseAllocationRemoveByUniqueKey]
IOJ-2213281 Web UI

Scoped Operators encounter red bar errors when selecting 'Image ID' in All Containers

No Known Workaround
IOJ-2172965 Web UI

Asset views may be inaccessible if custom property names have mismatched case between AssetTypeProperty_MT and UIItem_MT tables

Step 1: Find if there are data that is related to this issue by running the following SQL query. If there are records returned, then these records need to be fixed

SELECT propertyName
FROM dbo.AssetTypeProperty
WHERE PropertyName COLLATE SQL_Latin1_General_CP1_CS_AS NOT IN (
SELECT ItemResourceName COLLATE SQL_Latin1_General_CP1_CS_AS
FROM dbo.UIItem

Step 2: Fix the data by following the steps below:
1. Back up the table AssetTypeProperty. This can be simply copy the data into an excel file. As the risk of losing the data is low
2. Run the following SQL command to fix the data
select ItemResourceName
from UIItem where ItemResourceName in
SELECT distinct propertyName
FROM dbo.AssetTypeProperty
WHERE PropertyName COLLATE SQL_Latin1_General_CP1_CS_AS NOT IN (
SELECT ItemResourceName COLLATE SQL_Latin1_General_CP1_CS_AS
FROM dbo.UIItem

Update t
set t.PropertyName=s.ItemResourceName
from assettypeproperty t
inner join #TT s on t.PropertyName collate SQL_Latin1_General_CP1_CI_AS = s.ItemResourceName collate SQL_Latin1_General_CP1_CI_AS

step 3: check if there are still data with the issue by running the query in step 1 again. If the query returns no record, means all the problemetic data are fixed

Usage date format described in inventory spreadsheet schema documentation doesn't match format accepted by import code


Analytics - Publisher Portfolio Dashboard Total Spend Widget has incorrect value

2 workarounds look to be available :

1. Move the purchases related widgets to their own tab
2. Instead of using the dashboard level filter, use individual filters on all of the widgets.

Unable to create new SAP system on MSP SAP UI


All Inventory Not Showing Last Logged On User in case of cloud hosted machines or machines that are in a workgroup.

No Known Workaround

Change currency for 'Chilean peso' contains brackets

No Known Workaround

User properties page does not show all types of assets under the hardware tab

No Known Workaround

XenAppAgent always resolves Application Path:'%ProgramFiles%' to Program Files (x86)

The customer can try the following variable (%ProgramW6432%) instead to assist the 32-bit application in understanding that we're looking in C:\Program Files. This is assuming that the customer knows these applications will always be installed to C:\Program Files regardless of if the OS is 32-bit or 64-bit.
Alternatively, hard-code the path.

License information for Nitro PDF Software Nitro PDF Professional is missing


Allocating archived computer to IBM PVU license may not persist in some cases

No Known Workaround

Clicking on the help link for Out of the box custom reports don't land on the appropriate help page


System.ArgumentNullException After Changing License From VPC to PVU

No Known Workaround

Add NOINDEX,NOFOLLOW tag to beacon-uat.flexnetmanager.com


Incorrect update date shown when Custom Property updated in FNMS


Multi-Product License Do Not Consume Correctly For Enterprise/Site Licenses


ARL File Evidence Existence rule cannot be changed


Inventory records not displaying under Consumed tab (License properties)

It sounds like this issue is due to a VM pool information de-sync... I would imagine the next inventory import would refresh the pool info and the VMs will appear under the host? I have a feeling this is not a frequent issue (I have not seen it so far) and that VM pools moves are not so frequent. Setting a low priority and business value but happy to change it if the issue is found in a high frequency
IOJ-1847619 Agent, Inventory

Automatically exclude zones directories from Agent scanning on the Global zone

* Added ExcludeDirectory and ExcludeEmbedFileContent to the config.ini file (or during installation)
* Do not use the root / Include, and specify the list of mounts to include by default
IOJ-1738054 Business adapters, SAM for SAP

Business adapter creating/updating SAPSystem records with a NULL SAPSystemLandscapeID fails with error: "The INSERT statement conflicted with the FOREIGN KEY constraint "FK_SAPSystem_SAPSystemLandscape"."

Ensure SAP landscape information is supplied as part of the business import.
IOJ-1912150 Component installers, Database

mgsDatabaseCreate misidentifies SQL Server 2016 database compatibility level

IOJ-2193756 Content Libraries

Failed SKU library imports are reported as successful on the System Tasks page

IOJ-1929138 Documentation, Web UI

Help link on Beacon Properties>Upload Status Tab goes to online help home page

To get to the correct help topic click the help icon from the Devices tab of the Beacon properties page. This will open a new browser tab with the help. From the left hand side menu select Upload Status Tab.
IOJ-1991914 Documentation

Branding for macOS is incorrectly referenced as Mac OS X across the product

IOJ-1988508 Enterprise group management, Web UI

The '&' character displays as '&amp;' when Enterprise data is exported in CSV format

Download the csv file and perform a global Search and Replace to change all instances of &amp; to &.
IOJ-2156709 Integration: App Portal, Web API

webapi.conf file created by FNMS Cloud does not reflect correct URL to compliance API

Update the URI scheme from "http" to "https" in the downloaded file.
IOJ-2160646 Integration: AWS

AWS importer performance issues when multiple accounts on the one connection

Keep connections to one account each.
IOJ-1774551 Inventory, SAM for Oracle

Temporary Oracle audit evidence files under ...\Temp\FNMSAuditEvidence folders are not reliably cleaned up

Manually delete the audit evidence files from the temporary folder.
IOJ-2129977 Inventory, Web UI

List of what has changed in each inventory settings XML version is hidden when "Always use latest version" is selected

Alter the combo box to choose "Always use the approved version" will show the grid.
IOJ-1763249 Inventory import (read/write/export)

Data Inputs> Last Imported data shows 0 for devices imported when the data is actually imported.

IOJ-2178033 Operators, rights and roles

Creating a custom access role results in privileges being revoked an a 404 page

*Workaround to potential bug:* Instead of creating the access role from scratch, clone the existing "Administrator" role and remove all access privileges but the 'Administration' privileges from the new role. The role looks identical to the role that you just created from scratch in the FNMS Web UI but behaves correctly.

Nicolas Rousseau: after testing the issue, I see. A missing flag causes the user not to be able to access the inventory settings... that's an issue indeed. As number of customer is rather limited and there is a workaround, I will assign of Business Value of 9.
IOJ-2168743 Reports

Incorrect behaviour when prefiltering executing reports

No known workaround exists.
IOJ-1909897 Reports

Awaiting Inventory status does not return results in Inventory Device Report

IOJ-2158484 Software license management

Unable to remove local application that clones an ARL application

Delete all of the applications together, save the license, and add the applications they want back to the license.
IOJ-1771157 Software license management

Publisher names showing in "All licenses" page and "License Summary" page are inconsistent

No Known Workaround
IOJ-2175063 Software license management, Web UI

Custom Metric license manually set to At Risk does not appear on Licenses at Risk

Set consumed lower than purchased
IOJ-2176428 Web UI

Attempting to save local file evidence record with Language field set to 0 may fail with error

Manually set the language to one of the supported values to enable the changes to be saved.
IOJ-2122007 Web UI

Beacon alerts cannot be ignored

No known workaround exists.
IOJ-1921155 Web UI

Manually added currencies are not in alphabetical order

No known workaround exists.

Sorting of a Flexera License status is not working correct in the activation wizard


[Silver/High] Assigned/Calculated User Values are not consistently Synchronized

That's indeed an issue (but not a big issue)... removing calculated user will lead to the calculated user being re-updated and assigned user synchronized again.
IOJ-1901508 Reports

Several reports include the superseded "Service Provider" field

The Application Installation Details report, the Device Installation Details report, and the Device License Details report still use the superseded "Service provider" field name which was renamed to "Hosted in" throughout FlexNet Manager Suite from version 2018 R1 onwards. No known workaround.
IOJ-1928977 Reports

Preview and Filter page of a custom report refers to grouping option but custom reports do not support grouping