Consumption Analysis Report

IT Asset Management (Cloud)

The Consumption Analysis report analyzes the CPU consumption of the users within a specific time period. This report identifies users who rarely use the system, but who have been assigned an expensive (for example, Professional) license. By identifying these users and assigning them an appropriate license, the CPU consumption analysis provides the fastest and easiest way to quickly identify cost-saving potential.

This report will also find users with a high CPU consumption to help you assign the appropriate license to them.

You can specify a transaction profile within the Consumption Analysis report. This is useful if you want to identify users who are regularly using the same transactions, in order to assign them an appropriate license type. It enables you to compare the collected usages with the usage list of a specified transaction profile. For each transaction in a profile, matches are verified. For information on transaction profiles, see SAP Transaction Profiles.

Note: The Consumption Analysis report analyzes consumption data only for complete months.

IT Asset Management (Cloud)