“User Groups” Rule

IT Asset Management (Cloud)

Use the User Groups rule to assign all users of a specific user group to a specified license type.

Usage Scenario: If you had a group called ‘TEST’, you could use this rule to assign all users in this group the Test User license type.

Refer to Creating a License Rule Set and Adding Rules to a License Rule Set for information on creating a rule set and adding rules to it.

To create your rule, specify the following information:

  • Name—Enter the name of the rule.
  • Rule Set—The rule set that contains your rule. This information is non-editable.
  • User Groups—Enter the group or groups whose users should be assigned a specific license type. You can use the wildcard characters * (to replace multiple characters) and ? (to replace one single character). Separate multiple groups with a comma or semicolon.
    Note: Only a single * wildcard character is currently supported in SAP custom rule sets. If a custom rule contains two or more * wildcard characters, the contents after the second * wildcard character will be ignored.
  • Recommended License Type - Select the license type that should be recommended if the rule condition is met.

    Note that this license type set will be recommended for users within Classic Business Suite, S/4HANA and Non-SAP systems when the "Recommended License Type for S/4HANA" is set to "Same as above" (default).

  • Recommended License Type for S/4HANA - Select the license type that should be recommended for S/4HANA users if the rule condition is met.

    Specify a license type other than "Same as above" for cases where matching S/4HANA users should be recommended a different license type from Classic Business Suite users.

When you have provided all necessary information, click Create. The rule will be run, and you can examine the results immediately by clicking Show license recommendations in the Preview Results section.

IT Asset Management (Cloud)