enterprise group

A section, division or other part of the enterprise. IT Asset Management supports three kinds of enterprise groups, each of which can be subdivided (or nested) with more of the same kind of group:
  • Locations represent physical centers in your enterprise. These may be at any geographical level, such as North America/Illinois/Chicago/Lincoln Park. Typically used for office locations.
  • Corporate units represent reporting structures within your enterprise, such as divisions and departments.
  • Cost centers represent how your enterprise structures, plans, and reports on monetary costs.

In addition, you can also use a fourth grouping, categories, to represent how licenses and assets are classified within your enterprise. For example, if you would like to group licenses for different types of software (such as word processing, drawing tools, or business systems), you could define a category called Software Types and sub-categories for each type of software. You could then assign each license to one of these categories.

Licenses, purchase orders, assets, users and more can all be linked with enterprise groups. For example, you can scope (or restrict) a license to an enterprise group, in which case only installations on computers inked with that enterprise group would be able to consume from the license.

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