A complete list of items related to hardware and software asset management, gathered directly from the systems in your computing estate. An inventory list can include both hardware attributes (such as how many processors are available on a computer) and software evidence that shows what software is installed on each computer. Inventory may be gathered in multiple ways:
  • IT Asset Management can collect inventory gathered by tools from other vendors (such as Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager (previously Microsoft SCCM) or IBM's ILMT). An inventory beacon can connect to the databases from a number of such products to collect their inventory records.
  • An inventory beacon can take inventory directly from the computers for which you permit this process, using remote execution.
  • IT Asset Management can, through an inventory beacon, deploy inventory-gathering agents that are installed on selected systems. These collect inventory (and, optionally, usage of applications) and periodically upload the results through the inventory beacon.
Once the raw inventory has been uploaded and imported into IT Asset Management, software inventory is matched against inventory rules in the Application Recognition Library. This maps the raw evidence from inventory to the names and versions of licensable software applications.

IT Asset Management (Cloud)