Enterprise Agreement (license type)

This special license type is created automatically when recording applications linked to your Microsoft Enterprise Agreement. Like all licenses marked as true-up licenses, this will not be displayed as at risk, and is always considered compliant. The calculated consumption figures help to determine your likely true-up costs at the next review. This is used to license the core set of platform applications for workstations under your Enterprise Agreement (contract). (Other added applications must still be licensed separately, with those licenses also attached to the Enterprise Agreement contract.)

Product use rights Multiple use, downgrade rights, and upgrade rights.
Group assignment

Group assignment is supported.

Consumption The sum of points per computer, across all unique computers that have installations of one or more of the applications linked to the license and have processors identified in the core points table. The points per computer are calculated as the product of the number of cores available and the assigned points/core for the processor type.

Computers within the scope of the license where the properties of the computer (processor type, computer model, and number of cores and sockets) match one of the license points rules.

If no core information is available, the number of processors is used in calculations.

Compliance Compliant when points consumed are less than or equal to the number of points purchased.
Changing from

Points rules will be deleted. Scoping rules will be deleted. Allocations to computers may be deleted.

Changing to You will need to define one or more points rules. You may want to allocate the license to computers.

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