Evaluation (license type)

A license that allows one or more users to install and use software for trial purposes.

Evaluation licenses may be time limited, may offer limited functionality, or may restrict or mark output (for example, some PDF writing software includes the name of the software on every PDF document produced from a trial version).

After evaluation, a user may purchase a full license, uninstall the software, or (for time-limited trials) request an extension of the evaluation period.

Product use rights Second use, multiple use, downgrade rights, and upgrade rights. However, it is uncommon for these rights to be included in an evaluation license: check the license agreement carefully.
Group assignment

Group assignment is supported.


The number of unique computers that have installations of one or more of the applications linked to the license.


Computers with the scope (restrictions) of the license.


Compliant when Consumed is less than or equal to Total licensed.

Changing from

Scoping rules will be deleted. Allocations to computers may be deleted.

Changing to

You may want to allocate the license to computers.

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