IBM Floating User (license type)

Note: This license type is available only when you have licensed the FlexNet Manager for Datacenters product.
A license type for which consumption is not automatically measured by usage and not updated by inventory imports. The license agreement provides for a specified maximum number of users to be using the software at one time. (Any individual user who accesses multiple instances of the software must be separately licensed for each instance accessed at a time.) You may update the Consumed property manually for record keeping, or you can arrange for consumption to be updated by the Business Importer. Licenses of this type are over-utilized when the value of their Consumed property exceeds the value of their Total licensed property (both of these are displayed in the Compliance tab of the license properties sheet).
Product use rights Second use, multiple use, downgrade rights, upgrade rights, licensing on VM hosts, and a specific right for each user to access multiple installations. All these fields are available for record keeping purposes, but do not affect any calculations.
Group assignment Not supported.

The Consumed count is not calculated. It may be entered manually or imported through the business importer.


Not applicable.


Compliant when Consumed is less than or equal to Total licensed.

Changing from

Scoping rules will be deleted. Allocations to computers may be deleted.

Changing to You may want to allocate the license to computers.

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