IBM User Value Unit (license type)

Note: This license type is available only when you have licensed the FlexNet Manager for Datacenters product.
A license that is similar to the IBM Authorized User license in that it allows access to the software by a specific number of named users. This license type behaves similarly to the User license type. Like the IBM Authorized User license, this license allows:
  • Classifying each user as Normal , External , or Infrequent
  • Setting multipliers for external or infrequent users, so that (for example) five infrequent users might be considered equivalent to one normal user in terms of license consumption
  • Adding convenient bulk counts for each type of user.

The difference is that the IBM UVU license has an associated points table which provides volume discounts for the different classes of users. Multiple points rules, each of which is specified for a range of numbers of users, are applied to the appropriate group of users to apply the volume discounts. (Points may not be traded between groups.)

Product use rights Multiple use, downgrade rights, upgrade rights, and a specific right for each user to access multiple installations.
Group assignment Not supported.

License points taken from a points rule that matches the sum of all effective users allocated to and using the software, after bulk additional users have been included and discounts for various types of users have been applied.


Users to whom the license has been allocated and who use the software. Depending on the user type (Normal, Infrequent, or External), discount factors may be applied.


Compliant when Consumed is less than or equal to Total licensed.

Changing from

Any existing allocations to users may be deleted. Bulk user counts and classifying users as External or Infrequent will be removed.

Changing to You may want to add special classifications for users. You may also want to modify the bulk counts for users.

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