Microsoft SCCM Client User (license type)

Note: This license type is available only when you have licensed the FlexNet Manager for Datacenters product.

Since its 2012 release, Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager (previously Microsoft SCCM) has been licensed by the count of installed clients that gather data (and not by the central server that collates the data). The Microsoft Client Management License covers installations of the Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager agent on devices running non-server operating systems. Like CALs, these license are available for device installations or user-based licensing.

Product use rights

Upgrade rights, downgrade rights, right of multiple use. Supports exemptions by device role, where the device must be linked with the user (for example, as assigned user).

Group assignment

Group assignment is supported.

The sum of all of the following:
  • The number of unique owners of computers that have installations of one or more of the applications linked to the license
  • The number of computers with no owner where one or more of the applications are installed
  • The number of users who have used one or more of the applications on a computer, where that user is not the owner of the computer. (Only applies if usage data is collected and imported.)

Users as above. Where an installation has no user associated with its computer, the computer itself is counted, and in this case the enterprise group assignment of the computer is taken into account (in place of the enterprise group assignment of the end- user).


Compliant when the number of installations is less than or equal to the number of entitlements purchased.

Changing from

Any existing allocations to users may be deleted.

Changing to

You may wish to set up scoping rules. You may want to allocate the license to computers.

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