purchase quantity

In the context of IT Asset Management, this relates to the purchase of hardware or software assets. A 'software asset' is typically the license to use a particular application, granted in exchange for the purchase price for that license. In many purchases, the purchase quantity is the number of license entitlements you have bought, but not always.

For example, sometimes you may make a single purchase of a bundle that includes multiple copies of an application, or even several different applications. In such a case, you have made 1 purchase of a bundle of (say) 5 licenses. Here, the purchase quantity is 1 but the licensed quantity is 5.

In another example, when you purchase an upgrade for an application you already use, you cannot run any more copies. Instead, you are allowed to swap out an old copy and use a more recent copy in its place. In this example, your purchase quantity is 1 (for a single upgrade), but your licensed quantity in the upgrade purchase is zero (no increase in the number you may have installed).

To handle such cases, IT Asset Management records the purchase quantity separately from the licensed quantity. The purchase quantity is always the quantity shown on the purchase order line. Where a single license has more than one purchase order linked to it, its Licensed from PO value is always the sum of the Licensed quantity shown on all the linked purchase order lines.

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