The term 'at risk' is used to warn when the terms of the legal license agreement, that exists between your enterprise and the publisher of some software in use in your enterprise, do not appear to be reflected in the current data. The most common reason for this condition is using too many copies of the software. InIT Asset Management, at risk is often represented as a quantity, by which you are At risk.
Important: In IT Asset Management, "at risk" means only that your records of consumption against a license exceed your records of purchases. This may be caused by multiple factors, including when there are license entitlements have not yet been imported. At all times your enterprise has and retains the legal responsibility of ensuring that, in fact, it complies with the terms of all contracts, including software licenses and maintenance agreements, to which it is a party. For this reason, the general terminology in help is that a license is "over-utilized", according to records in the system.

IT Asset Management (Cloud)