License-Type Hierarchy Details

IT Asset Management (Cloud)

On the License Types: system landscape name page, the Details section informs you from which system the hierarchy was loaded, when it was loaded, and which operator loaded it.

The License Types section contains an overview of all defined license types.

Option Description
Code The license-type identifier.
Short Name

The short name of the license type.

Long Name

The long name of the license type.


Yes indicates that you are entitled to use the license type; No indicates that you are not entitled to use it.

This value is automatically set when you import a license-type hierarchy from the LAW. It does not affect which license types can be recommended during license optimization.

Number Purchased

The number of licenses that were purchased.

Unit Price

The unit price for a license type.


This column indicates how FlexNet Manager for SAP Applications calculates the license position for license types that are over-consumed. Possible values:

  • Recommend promotion — Over-consumed licenses can be covered by spare licenses of a superior license type of which the over-consumed license is a sub-type.
  • Show deficits/risks — Spare superior licenses are not used to cover over-utilized licenses. Instead, the license is displayed as at risk, and the resulting license deficit can be viewed on the License Position page.

For more information, see Handling Over-Consumption of License Types.

Created By

The name of the user who created the license type.

Created At

The date and time when the license type was created.

Last Updated By

The name of the user who last updated the license type.

Last Updated At

The date and time when the license type was last updated.

IT Asset Management (Cloud)