Adding an Application

IT Asset Management (Cloud)

Before adding a new application, it is best practice to check whether that application is already included with the Application Recognition Library (you can search for its name on the All Applications page). Using an application retrieved from the library is preferable because this prevents potentially overlapping evidence definitions, permits direct linking to licenses created from SKUs, and lets you benefit from future data updates.

If the application exists in the Application Recognition Library but has not been automatically recognized in your enterprise, this means that the evidence linked to the application within the Application Recognition Library does not match the evidence found in your enterprise. If specific evidence for an application exists in your environment, you can link this to the application record so that it is correctly identified in future inventory.

Whether you extend a record from the Application Recognition Library, or create your own application record as follows, remember that thereafter you need to create a license linked to the application.
Tip: Only applications defined in the Application Recognition Library can use the Product Use Rights Library to propose correctly configured licenses.

To create an application record:

  1. Go to any of the following pages under Applications & Evidence > Applications:
    • All Applications
    • Installed Applications
    • Unmanaged Applications
    • Managed Applications
    • Deferred Applications
    • Ignored Applications
  2. Click Create an application.
  3. Specify the application's name, version, and other details in the application properties.
    For more details about these tabs, see Application Properties.

IT Asset Management (Cloud)