Changing the Status of an Application

IT Asset Management (Cloud)

You can change the status of an application record, which may move the record to a different listing.

To change application status:

  1. Navigate to any of the following:
    • License Compliance > All Applications
    • License Compliance > Installed Applications
    • License Compliance > Unmanaged Applications
    • License Compliance > Managed Applications
    • License Compliance > Deferred Applications
    • License Compliance > Ignored Applications
  2. Select an application (you can also select multiple records at a time), click Change status, and choose a status you need.
    • Authorized — Installation of this application is allowed on computers in your enterprise. If the application is also associated with a license, those installations can be reviewed to determine if they comply with the license terms and conditions.
    • Deferred — You intend to manage this application in due course, but not now. This status is intended to be a temporary state that you will change later. Since it is an administrative convenience only, installations of these applications still count for license consumption.
    • Ignored — Flags this application as irrelevant for software asset management. While you can recover an application from this state at any time, this status, unlike Deferred, is generally applied only to those applications that you do not intend to manage at all (for example, shareware that you permit, but choose not to manage closely).
      Tip: Although you may choose not to manage an ignored application, it may still be licensable. For this reason, an ignored application is not exempted from license consumption calculations. To remove an application from license consumption calculations, either:
      • Disconnect the application from all licenses
      • In the General tab of properties for the evidence that identifies the application, set Ignored to Yes (first check that this same evidence does not also link to a different application that should still be included in compliance calculations).
    • InactiveIT Asset Management assigns this status to applications recorded in the Application Recognition Library, but not yet recognized as installed within your enterprise.
    • Unauthorized — Apply this to flag applications that should not be installed on computers in your enterprise. It is best practice to uninstall such applications.
    • Unmanaged — A new application identified in your enterprise, but not yet assigned any of the above status values.
      Tip: If you do not have the time to process the new records, you can assign the Deferred status to an application, and review it later. This makes it easier to identify any new Unmanaged applications that appear, so that you can manage by exception.
The selected application record(s) move(s) to the corresponding IT Asset Management page.
Note: If you selected Inactive, the record is moved to the Unmanaged Applications page. If you selected either Authorized or Unauthorized, the application record gets moved to the Managed Applications page.

IT Asset Management (Cloud)