Adding a New Product Name

IT Asset Management (Cloud)

You can create new product names when you are adding a Local application record. Once created, product names are available throughout IT Asset Management. For example, you can reference the same product name for other applications, or use them when creating licenses.

The process of creating a new product name also associates that name with a software publisher. You can create new names for both at the same time.
Tip: Be particularly careful to review your product (and publisher) details carefully before saving. Any attempt to edit an existing product (or publisher) name creates an additional entry for the correction, and there is currently no way to delete an incorrect product (or publisher) name.

To add a new product name:

  1. Open a blank properties sheet for a new application record, and ensure that the General tab is selected.
    For example, go to the All Applications page under Applications & Evidence > Applications, and click Create an application.
  2. In the Product field, type the new product's name.
    Tip: It can be useful to type just the start of the name at this stage. The next step then checks whether an appropriate name already exists that matches the start you entered.
  3. Click Search.
    The search area expands and displays a list of existing product names that match the text you entered. If there are none, it displays No results.
    Tip: If an appropriate name already exists, re-use it. This allows the automatic tracking of upgrade and downgrade rights across different versions of the same product. To reuse an existing product name, select it from the list of known products and click Select product (or just double-click it in the list). This action populates both the Product and the Publisher fields.
  4. When you need to create a new product name:
    1. If necessary, make sure nothing is selected in the list of Products found, and repeat a search.
      The Create product button is disabled as long as there is any selection in the list; it is enabled only when a search is completed and before any selection is made. If need be, repeat a search to re-enable the button.
    2. If necessary, edit or finish typing the rest of the name in the Product field (and check it's correct!).
      Your entry will soon be saved as a new product name, along with the publisher responsible for the software. Once saved, neither value can be edited, as noted above.
    3. Click Create product.
    Tip: If the application Name field in the application properties is blank, the product name is copied to this field to start construction of a default name for your new application.
  5. In the next field, follow a similar process to find or create a Publisher for this software.
    1. Search for a pre-existing publisher name, and if the correct one is found, use it.
    2. Otherwise, when there has been no selection in the search results, enter the desired name for the Publisher, and click Create publisher.
  6. Complete the other details for this application as desired, and then click Save.
    The new product name (together with the publisher name, if new) is written into the compliance database, and is available for use by other operators (for example) who may wish to create other application records in the same product family. It is normally tied to the publisher name as well, so that when the next operator chooses your product name, both the software product and the publisher are automatically entered. (Of course, any other application details are also saved.)

IT Asset Management (Cloud)