Urgently Running a Business Import

IT Asset Management (Cloud)

The business importer runs according to the schedule you linked to it. If you need an additional import and upload of business information, use this process.

To trigger a business import immediately:

  1. In the inventory beacon user interface, select the Business Importer tab.
    The date and time of the last business import for each adapter displays in the Last run column.
  2. Select the business adapter connection to you want to run now.
    You may only select one adapter connection at a time.
  3. Below the list, click Execute Now.
    The selected business adapter is run, and as it completes, the gathered data is immediately uploaded to staging folders on the application server for IT Asset Management. The resulting data is not available in the compliance browser until the next import of business information. By default, this import happens at midnight each night (central server time). You can also trigger this action on the central application server as follows.
  4. Do the following:
    1. Go to the Data Imports page.
    2. Ensure that the Business Data tab is selected.
    3. Click Process imports.
When the import processing has been completed, the business data from your urgent process is visible in the appropriate pages of the web interface for IT Asset Management.

IT Asset Management (Cloud)