Updating the Inventory Beacon Configuration

IT Asset Management (Cloud)

If you need to update the configuration of a registered inventory beacon, there are two ways.

You must maintain the same unique ID for each inventory beacon that was generated at installation time. This means that you cannot share configuration files between beacons. Should you need to refresh settings for an inventory beacon (for example, if your cloud credentials had been compromised), proceed from the web interface for IT Asset Management. Using a web browser on the inventory beacon is most convenient (and assumed in this procedure).

To update to configuration of an inventory beacon:

  1. Go to the Beacons page.
  2. On the row for your chosen inventory beacon, click the edit icon (a pencil).
    The Beacon Properties page displays.
  3. On the General tab of the beacon properties, in the Status section, click the Reconfigure beacon link.
    A fly-down appears with some guidance and one important button.
  4. Click Download configuration.
    A new configuration file is generated, which you can download to a convenient location (such as C:\temp) on the inventory beacon to be reconfigured.
    Important: The configuration file includes a new password, and can only be used on the one inventory beacon. You cannot reuse a configuration file for multiple beacons. Furthermore, when a new password has been generated, the configuration file must be imported into the inventory beacon, because the old password is no longer accepted by the central application server.
  5. Switch to the inventory beacon interface, and on the Parent connection tab, click Import configuration.
  6. Browse to the file you saved in the temporary location, and click Open.
  7. When the configuration details are changed, the inventory beacon runs a background check on the connection, and displays the results on the page. If there are problems listed, you can address these and (if required) click Test connection to retry. For more information and troubleshooting, refer back to Register an Inventory Beacon.

IT Asset Management (Cloud)