Deleting a Dashboard Template

IT Asset Management (Cloud)

If a dashboard template is no longer required, it can be removed from the system (except the out of the box FNMS Default Dashboard). Deleting a dashboard template requires a role with the access right Configure FlexNet Manager Platform properties (located under the Administration section when editing a role on the IT Asset Accounts page).

Note: Deleting a dashboard template does not affect users who have already loaded a copy of the dashboard template into their personal Management Dashboard, however users will no longer be able to load the dashboard template into their Management Dashboard anymore.

In order to remove a dashboard template, click the Manage Dashboard Templates button and select Delete a template. Select the relevant dashboard template to delete in the template name drop-down and click Delete.

To remove a dashboard template:

  1. Click the Manage Dashboard Templates button.
    The Manage Dashboard Templates dialog appears.
  2. From the drop-down list, click Delete a template.
  3. From the Template Name drop-down list, Select the relevant dashboard template to delete and click Delete.

IT Asset Management (Cloud)