Deleting Custom Analytics Widget

IT Asset Management (Cloud)

If a custom analytics widget is no longer required, it can be removed from the system. Deleting a custom analytics widget requires a role with the access right Configure FlexNet Manager Platform properties (located under the Administration section when editing a role on the IT Asset Accounts page).

To remove a custom analytics widget, click Manage Custom Widgetsand select Delete an analytics widget. Then select the required widget to delete from the drop down and click Delete.

Note: Deleting custom analytics widget removes the widget from all users who have added it to their Management Dashboard.

To remove a custom analytics widget:

  1. Click Manage Custom Widgets.
    The Manage custom analytics widgets dialog appears.
  2. From the drop-down list, click Delete an analytics widget.
  3. Select the required widget to delete and click Delete.

IT Asset Management (Cloud)