Seeing More Properties of the Linked License

IT Asset Management (Cloud)

You can navigate directly to the properties sheet for a linked license.

This applies only to licenses already in the list of related licenses. It does not apply to licenses displayed in the search results.

To view the properties sheet for a linked license:

  1. Do either of the following:
    1. Click the Name of the license you want to inspect; or
    2. Click elsewhere in a row in the list of related licenses to select it, and then click Open.
    Tip: Remember your browser controls when you click the Name of the license. For example, on Windows platforms, Ctrl+click on the hyperlink opens the license properties in a new browser tab. This can be convenient for switching quickly between the purchase and the license.
    You may, of course, edit the properties of the license as necessary, and remember to Save any changes.
  2. To return to the purchase properties, either:
    1. Use the browser's Back button if you switched your view in the same tab of your browser.
    2. Close the extra tab, if you used Ctrl+click to open as a separate tab.

IT Asset Management (Cloud)