Viewing Digital Access Price Model

IT Asset Management (Cloud)

You can view a list of all SAP licensable document types and the price it costs each time you create that document type in the current SAP landscape.

To view the digital access price model:

  1. In IT Asset Management, click SAP, point to Optimization and click Indirect Access.
    The Indirect Access page displays.
  2. In the Indirect Access Types section, select the Documents tab and click Manage digital access price model in the Tasks list.
    The Digital Price Access Model dialog displays. The following table describes the information provided.



    # This column displays the edit action link.
    Document Type

    The type of document. SAP has nine licenseable document types that individual document items can belong to. For example, the time sheet record and the time management record document items both belong to the Time Management document type.

    Application ID

    The unique ID assigned by SAP for the document type.

    Count at Line Item Level

    Display a Yes or No value to indicate whether this document type is counted at line item level.

    A single SAP document may contain multiple line items and each line item is counted as a document when calculating cost. For example, a Sales document can consist of multiple line items, such as a sales order, a returns, and a credit memo request, and each of these line items is counted when calculating costs.

    Multiplier (Default) The default value that multiple creations of this document type is multiplied by to calculate the total value.
    Multiplier (Override) This editable value overrides the Multiplier (Default) value for creating multiples this document type. Modify this value to match any bulk access cost reductions that you have negotiated with your SAP provider. A value of 1.00 sets price per access as equal to Unit Price whereas a value less than 1.00 reduces the price for multiple accesses. For example, if the Multiplier (Override) is set to 0.10 and you access ten documents, then the Unit Price for each access is multiplied by 0.10 which reduces the total cost.
    Unit Price

    The editable monetary value for creating this document type.

IT Asset Management (Cloud)