Specifying the License Ratio

IT Asset Management (Cloud)

You can change the license types and ratio values to model the ratio that is defined in your organization’s SAP license contract.

By default, the license ratio in FlexNet Manager for SAP Applications is set to mySAP Limited Professional (CAT III) (53) and mySAP Professional (CAT II) (52) licenses. The default ratio value is 50% to 50%.

When you specify the license ratio, you also need to enter the number of licenses that have been purchased, to enable IT Asset Management to calculate the license position and provide accurate information on a potential license deficit.

Only active license ratios will be taken into account when the license position is calculated. By default, the license ratio is inactive.

  1. Go to the License Ratio page (Licenses > SAP Optimization > License Ratio).
  2. On the License Ratio page, click Edit to switch into edit mode.
  3. In the Ratio section, specify the ratio for the license types according to your SAP license contract by selecting the appropriate numbers and license types.


    Ratio of 25% mySAP Limited Prof. (Cat. III) (53)

    to a minimum of 75% mySAP Professional (Cat. II) (52)

    When you change one of the percentage values, the other value changes accordingly to equal 100%.

  4. Select the Active check box to activate the license ratio.
  5. In the Purchased section, enter the number of licenses (of the license types that are affected by the license ratio) that your organization has purchased.
  6. Click Save.
The purchase counts that you specify on the License Ratio page will automatically be entered on the License Types page, and vice versa, to ensure that the values are consistent.
Important: FlexNet Manager for SAP Applications allows you to specify a number of purchased licenses that does not match the license ratio. This is to minimize restrictions when you are modelling your organization's licensing position. However, it is your responsibility to ensure that the number of purchased licenses and the license ratio are entered correctly on the License Ratio page, to enable FlexNet Manager for SAP Applications to accurately calculate your licensing situation.

IT Asset Management (Cloud)