Viewing a Non-SAP System Details Page

IT Asset Management (Cloud)

The details page of a non-SAP system is accessible either from the System Landscape Editor or from one of the tabs on the Indirect Access page.

When you use the System Landscape Editor, you can see all non-SAP systems at a glance.

  • To view details via the System Landscape Editor:
    1. Go to the SAP System Landscapes page (Data Collection > IT Assets Inventory Tasks > SAP System Landscapes).
    2. On the SAP System Landscapes page, double-click the system landscape that contains the relevant non-SAP system.

      Alternatively, select the desired landscape and click View.

    3. On the System Landscape: name page, double-click the non-SAP system whose details page you want to view.

      Alternatively, select the desired system and click View.

    If evidence has already been linked to the non-SAP system for which you want to display details, you can also access the details page of the non-SAP system via the corresponding link on a tab on the Indirect Access page.
  • To view details via the Indirect Access page:
    1. Go to the Indirect Access page (Licenses > SAP Optimization > Indirect Access).
    2. On the Indirect Access page, click the tab that contains the evidence that was linked to the non-SAP system. On the tab, click the hyperlinked name of the non-SAP system (in the Non-SAP Systems column) whose details you want to view.

IT Asset Management (Cloud)