Adjusting the Unit Price

IT Asset Management (Cloud)
You can adjust the Unit price displayed for any license(s) visible in your simulation, and the value you enter is saved as part of this simulation.
Tip: This value is local to the simulation, and does not affect the underlying data for the license, and therefore is not reflected in any other simulations. This allows you to test the impact of changed unit prices that might come from rigorous negotiations. If you are updating a license value, consider making the same change in the license through the license properties.
  1. In the License summary list at the bottom of the simulation page, locate the license that needs adjustment. (Use the search field if you need to shorten the list.)
  2. In the Actions column for that row, click the edit icon (a pencil, which, when you hover over it, displays Edit unit price).
    An editable area appears in the table below your selected row. It displays the license name, and a field showing the current unit price.
    Tip: If you have multiple currencies set up in IT Asset Management, you can also choose the currency (and the exchange snapshot) to use for this adjustment. By default, it is set to the same currency you have chosen for the overall simulation, but you may override that setting for this particular value when, for example, you have an accurate unit price in a particular currency. For details, see Choosing a Simulation Currency.
  3. In the Unit price field, change the value as required.
  4. Click Save.

    The editing area disappears, and the values for that license are updated in the License summary results table. A revert icon is added to this license, in case you want to switch back to the original unit cost.