Modifying an Item

IT Asset Management (Cloud)

Most items in the Inventory details tree allow you change their properties and so try out different scenarios. You can also modify the unit price (per point or per entitlement) attached to a license to fine-tune the financial liability calculations in your simulation (see Choosing a Simulation Currency).

To modify an item in the simulation tree:

  1. If necessary, navigate to the item in the Inventory details tree, expanding higher nodes as required to expose the item you want to change.
  2. Do one of the following:
    • In the Actions column at the right of that row, click the edit button (pencil icon)
    • At the left end of the row, select the check box, and click Edit in the tool bar above the simulation tree.
    The selected row is put into edit mode, with appropriate properties visible in an editing area below the row.
  3. As appropriate:
    • If you are only reviewing the properties and not wishing to change anything, click Cancel when your review is done.
    • Otherwise make changes to the properties as you wish, and click Save to see the impacts on your license position in the lower list on the page.

A modified row is highlighted in orange (see Experimenting with Your Simulation for details of color coding).