Moving an Item

IT Asset Management (Cloud)

You can select one item at a time to move. If the item has any child items attached to it in the Inventory details tree, these automatically move with their parent.

To move an item:

  1. If necessary, navigate to the item in the tree, expanding higher nodes as required to expose the item you want to move.
  2. Do one of the following:
    • In the Actions column at the right of that row, click the move button (up/down icon)
    • At the left end of the row, select the check box, and click Move in the tool bar above the simulation tree. (You can select only one row for a move, although all its descendent items will move with it.)
    The Move simulation item dialog appears, showing the list of simulation items that are suitable to parent the object you are moving.
  3. Select the new parent for the item you are moving.

    If the list is long, you may use the search field in this dialog to find a new parent item. The search covers all fields, including those available in the Field Chooser for this dialog (available through Advanced). If you choose to display an extra field, be sure to click Refresh to gather the additional data values.

  4. Click OK.
The moving item, together with all its child items and their descendents (the set is kept intact), is relocated, and now appears in the simulation tree beneath its new parent. Only the ‘head’ item of this moved family, the one you originally selected for the move, is highlighted in orange and has a State of Moved (for color coding, see Experimenting with Your Simulation).