Reviewing a Specific License

IT Asset Management (Cloud)

If your simulation includes many items in the Inventory details tree, it may help your assessment of changing scenarios to focus on one license at a time. To see the points consumption on individual (physical or virtual) machines, you must examine exactly one license.

  1. In the General area of the work page, expand the View license drop-down list.
    All licenses available to your simulation are listed.
    Tip: License types available for simulations are:
    • Core Points
    • IBM PVU
    • Microsoft Server Core
    • Microsoft Server Processor
    • Oracle Processor
    • Processor
    • Processor Points.
  2. Select the individual license to review.
    By default, the number of rows displayed in the Inventory details tree does not change. However, in all rows not related to your selected license:
    • Highlight colors are removed
    • Text for the item turns grsy
    • The value of Relates to license (available through the Field Chooser) is set to False.
  3. If you prefer to hide all items not affected by the selected license, clear the check box Include rows not affected by the selected license.
    Tip: As you expect, if a virtual machine is related to your chosen license through the software installed on it, both the virtual machine itself, and all its ancestors in the tree back to the outermost level, are counted as ‘affected’ by this license.


IT Asset Management (Cloud)

Both the Inventory details tree and the License summary list have their own independent Search... fields in their tool bars. The following guidelines may assist:

  • Search results include all items that match your search term. In the Inventory details tree, their parents and higher ancestors are also displayed.
  • Searches cover all available fields, including those not currently displayed in the Inventory details tree or License summary list, but hidden in their respective Field Choosers (Advanced > Choose Fields).
  • Searches return all matching items, regardless of whether or not your simulation is currently focused on a single license. Therefore if unaffected items are currently displayed (in gray), any unaffected search results are also displayed. As you expect, search results are also hidden by the check box Include rows not affected by the selected license.