Registering Web API With Flexera Service Gateway

IT Asset Management (Cloud)

Flexera Service Gateway allows interaction between separate products from Flexera. You need a separate license for the API Integration option to link IT Assets web API with Flexera Service Gateway.

To register IT Assets web API with Flexera Service Gateway:

  1. Ensure that you have a license for the API Integration option. Go to the IT Assets License page. Look for the value of the FNMP API Integration enabled option. The value Yes indicates that you have this license. You cannot continue with the procedure if this option is not enabled.
  2. Log into Flexera One.
  3. Go to Administration > IT Asset Management Settings > General. Select the Web API tab.
    Note: The Web API tab is available only if you have licensed the API Integration option.
  4. Click the IT Assets Web API configuration link.
    The webapi.config file is downloaded.
  5. Click the Flexera Service Gateway registration tool link.
  6. The RegisterFlexeraGatewayService file is downloaded.
    Note: There must be network access to your Gateway server from the location where you save these files. If you get a security warning about your download, select Keep to keep the files.
  7. Either double-click the registration tool or run RegisterFlexeraGatewayService from the command prompt.
    The Flexera Service Gateway Registration dialog appears.
  8. Identify the Flexera Service Gateway host and the Port number. Flexera Service Gateway host is the server in your enterprise where the gateway is installed. You may use an IP address, a fully qualified domain name, or the server host name (if your DNS is correctly configured and accessible). The default port number is 9443.
  9. Provide the credentials for administrator access to the Gateway account.
  10. Use the Import button to browse to the other downloaded file, webapi.config, and import it into the registration tool.
  11. Click OK.
    The registration is complete. You do not need to repeat this registration on other central servers if any.

IT Asset Management (Cloud)