Deleting an Inventory Record

IT Asset Management (Cloud)
You can delete an inventory record when it is no longer required in the system. You may delete a record if you find duplicate or erroneous inventory records.
Note: Deleting a record updates the database immediately, as expected. However, if IT Asset Management is in 'high-frequency mode' (or 'PVU mode', responsible for sub-capacity points calculations in place of ILMT) and the inventory device appears in FlexNet inventory and is consuming from any IBM PVU licenses, the device record is not actually deleted straight away (and a different database update is performed instead, as follows). This is because IBM PVU licenses require retrospective calculation of consumption points for the entire reporting period (and this calculation is reworked from scratch as part of the nightly full compliance calculation), so that removing the device record while it should still influence those retrospective calculations would introduce an audit risk. Therefore, instead of being deleted immediately, devices still required for those calculations are given an Archived status (and immediately moved to the Archived Inventory page). An Archived device acts just like a deleted one in every way except its continued availability for retroactive corrections and retrospective calculations. Archived devices are automatically deleted once they can no longer affect consumption in the data retention period.

To delete an inventory record:

  1. Select the inventory record that you wish to delete.
  2. Click Delete.
    IT Asset Management displays a warning message to confirm the deletion.
  3. Click OK to delete the inventory record.
    IT Asset Management displays the "The selected device record was deleted successfully" message and the inventory record is deleted from the All Inventory page.
    Note: If inventory information for the device was reported from the FlexNet Inventory Agent or FlexNet Inventory Scanner, then the record of the device is also deleted from the inventory database. However, the device will not be deleted from the Discovered Devices page, if it is there; that record needs to be deleted separately. If inventory information for the device was not reported from the FlexNet Inventory Agent or FlexNet Inventory Scanner, remember to remove the inventory record from all inventory sources. If the device is still reported at the next inventory import, the record is correctly re-created.

IT Asset Management (Cloud)